5 Hints for your new Facebook Page

So! You got yourself a Facebook page – great start!

When was the last time you tried to find your business’s Facebook page? Employing some best practices will make it easier for your potential fans to find you..JUST when they need you.

1) Info Box on Left Handside of the Page: There is a lot of opportunity in that little box. In this space, use keywords. Yes, its important to send a customer or brand-centric message here, but without keywords, your page will be harder to find. Be brief. Be smart. Be FOUND.

2) Vanity URL: Once you reach 25 fans, you can create a semi-custom URL/web address. This makes it easier for you to share, your fans to remember and potential fans to find you.

3) Utilize your blog or WordPress site to create dynamic content easily: With RSS feeds and the interactivity of WordPress blogs, you can update your fans with regular, engaging content (which inevitably include keywords). Imagine, photos updated regularly, or have your blog comments appear on custom tab! Even reviews from customers can appear on your Facebook page! The possibilities are endless.

4) Change your landing page from your “Wall”: By default, both fans and potential fans will arrive on your Wall – the space where you and your fans interact – UNLESS you change the default.  The Wall is intimidating and unwelcoming if your a new fan – let your fans warm up to you and start coming to your wall based on postings or activity of interest, rather than hitting them with it right away.  Custom Landing Pages are the way to go here, but even without a custom landing page, if you have added a custom tab for photos, video or any other interactive feature, make that your landing page. Even a Discussions Page is better, if its an active, welcoming place. Remember – the goal of Facebook is interaction, so you’ll also see that fans can post photos, videos and links. As a company, you may be reluctant to provide your fans with this engagement choice, but honestly, you have very little to lose. You can remove posts if it comes to that, but I encourage businesses to allow their fans some freedom of expression.

5) Facebook Events are your friend: When you have special opportunities for your fans, besides posting in your “status” be sure to use the events option. It lets fans add them directly to their calendars and even lets them see others who might attend. Further, you can allow other to invite THEIR friends, making your offer more interactive and viral.