6 Twitter Do’s for Business

Today we’re keeping it simple with some tactical suggestions on using Twitter for business. It isn’t that this list is complete or even that it ever will be. I’ve just noticed that lots of businesses (large and small) aren’t implementing these easy tactics into the  Twitter social media presence. Without further adieu…

6 Easy Twitter DO’s for Business:

  • Try as hard as you can to thank people who support you and RT your messages, especially when you are a business. Alot of businesses think that its not appropriate to “thank” people. That it appears too “folksy”. “Folksy. Riiiiight. Remember that guy or gal in high school who you though was cool/pretty/smart and when you told them so, they just brushed right past you without response? How did it make you feel? Like you’d never hand anyone a compliment again? Yah. Go ahead – make your advocates feel that way. At your own peril.   And, if you are too busy to respond to all your positive social media comments, then I’d say you need to expand your social media budget and add staff. Your customers are clearly on social media and want to engage with you there – you have a problem many companies would love to have.
  • When you are discussing a link or a topic, go ahead and add the link again to the conversation – or at the very least, a #hashtag so people can keep up with the conversation. Besides being thoughtful, its also savvy.
  • Resist the urge to hijack a trending topic or #hashtag. If you have something to say that’s relevant to the #hashtag or trending topic, by all means – say it and ride the wave. Be creative. Be savvy. Be human. Just don’t be spammy.
  • Add to the conversation, don’t be the conversation-interrupting-blood-draining-dufus who interrupts the conversation with a commercial! Add to the conversation and you’re likely to get (the right) kind of attention. Soundbites are a major turn-off on social media – save it for your radio campaign.
  • Assume that the person complaining is complaining so that they get resolution. If they didn’t care – they would just tell their friends, and their parents..and their auntie…they wouldn’t bother giving you a chance to respond. For more on turning complainers into BFF’s, read here.
  • Be consistent. No fair jumping in and out of the conversation. Your advocates like it much better when they know you’re listening. If you are going to have a presence, make time for it everyday. Yes. Everyday. Recent studies show that Facebook postings made outside of business hours are more effective. Its easier than ever to have a presence without being tied to your computer 24/7 – take advantage of the little spaces in your day and schedule your outgoing information accordingly.

What recommendations do you have for businesses using Twitter?