Apps for event professionals

Facebook Page  Apps:

(T/R) NetworkedBlogs connects your blog to Facebook. Its simple and its fast to install. What are you waiting for?

(T/R) Clobby: Chat with your fans. Imagine the engagement opportunities, post-conference chats with speakers. Q&A with industry leaders or chefs. Your options are endless. Create a program and promote it!

IPhone Apps For any event planner/producer on the run, these Iphone apps can be a lifesaver.

(S/T) Flightstatuspro ($4.99): “Where IS your speaker, why hasn’t he called yet?!” Every planner has had that sinking feeling when waiting on someone’s flight. Flightstatuspro lets you check flights of interest throughout the day, giving you what every planner craves in the event that something changes: time. You can even track weather.

(S/N/T) ACTPrinter: (.99) Stop carrying around paper, or worse your computer. Instead, print docs directly to your Iphone. Your important agendas, flight info and schemas will always be in easy reach.

(P/S/T) Doddle (Free): Producers and equipment at your finger tips with ratings and complete contact info. Never be caught again in a new city without contacts. Designed for film/TV producers, there is enough sound/lighting and production equipment available to make any event producer happy.