How should cannabis brands approach their visibility strategy? According to Google search trends, holistically.

The share of voice world is beyond competitive for cannabis brands. Google’s search trends data lend some insights into the challenges for cannabis companies, both cannabis and marijuana brands to stand out. It isn’t enough to expect one marketing or PR lever to do the heavy lifting. Now more than ever it’s important to consider advertising alongside earned media, owned content, and paid content.

What popular cannabis Google search terms do people search for by state?

When considering how to write a press release, or even a social media post, knowing what words are most commonly used in your state can increase your visibility and your share of voice. You can use this information as your secret cannabis PR weapon and stay top of mind against your primary competitors.

This map is particularly useful for cannabis brands confined to a single state. For example, notice how the west coast and upper east coast mirror each other and use the term “cannabis” most intensely, while states without a legal cannabis program (adult use or medicinal) used the term “marijuana” most (Updated June 14, 2024).

cannabis vs marijuana search terms by state

marijuana search by statecannabis search terms by state

How Do Cannabis Search Terms Compare Over Time?

While “marijuana” remains the dominant search term, compared to “cannabis,”, notice when the searches peak, early October and AFTER 420.

marijuana versus cannabis search terms over time

cannabis vs marijuana search terms

Digitally savvy cannabis PR agencies like Avaans Media think about these things when writing anything searchable on the web. And these searches are dynamic which is why it’s important not to rest on your laurels. When creating content or press releases. Press releases in particular are useful for search visibility and they provide a nice SEO boost as well.

This data is live-updated by Google, based on the last 12 months.