WHY Your Storytelling Isn’t Working

Do you know why people respond (or don’t respond) to your brand storytelling? The answer doesn’t lie in your typeface, your graphic design or even your social networks. The answers lay in your strategy and customer clarity. Let me put it another way: do you know what motivations your customers respond to most powerfully? Several […]

What IS Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why do you need a digital strategy and what is it? Since digital and social media are so accessible, it’s easy to think the results are just as accessible. But the truth is, simply BEING on social media isn’t a strategy any more (if it ever was enough). The digital world has brought us many, […]

Creating a Customer Focused Communication Strategy

The Communication Strategy Everyone Will Thank You For. We’re inundated with messages every day. As communicators, it’s up to us to have  some empathy for our audience, whether that audience is the press, an employee, a customer, or an investor. Yet, this single communications strategy I’m about to share with you is so simple, so […]

Why Emotional Triggers Matter in Branding Strategy

Why You Love to Hate The Kardashians – Social Media Strategy Gone Awry

[rev_slider Personalities-Blog]   Are you done yet? If you’re like most of the media and most of America you’ve had it with the Kardashians. We’ve moved past not caring and into outrage. But how did this happen? We can look to the Kardashian social media strategy for part of the story. How did the Kardashians […]

3 Must Have Personal Branding Tips for Creatives

  Because there is nothing more fearless than creating something and pushing it out to the world; everything you produce says something about you, this is an article about creating an authentic personal brand for creatives that resonates. This is an article about showing the you in a deeper way, a way that allows you […]