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what is consumer pr

What is Consumer PR?

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Consumer PR is the reputation and awareness building brands do to improve their image to the public. From purpose-driven PR to product launches and experiential PR, consumer PR gives consumers an additional positive touchpoint that builds trust,…
brand advocacy and loyalty

How to Inspire Advocates and Influencers in Your Marketing

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Marketing to influencers and advocates is all the rage, fueled by social media. But if you've ever developed a consumer campaign with influencers and/or advocates, you know it can be filled with land mines. Part of that is what inspires advocates…
b-corp public relations

How B-Corps PR Makes a Difference

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B-corps are uniquely positioned to be storytellers. But how does PR for B-Corps differ? Is purpose all it takes to thrive?   You started your company to make a difference in the world. You know it, your team knows it, and your loyalty…
Cleantech public relations

What is an Effective CleanTech Public Relations Strategy?

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Getting your PR strategy right is the ultimate goal of any tech business or startup. Operating in a highly competitive marketplace means that tech companies must reach out to the right audience, and in an increasingly crowded tech space, this…
Consumer electronics PR

Mastering the Art of Consumer Tech PR

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If you're counting the number of blogs that mention your company's name to measure PR success, you're doing it wrong. Rather than using antiquated methods to gauge PR success, you should hire a reputable consumer technology PR agency that can…
Art of Consumer PR

Mastering the Art of Consumer PR

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The idea behind public relations is - publicity, as in establishing a company's credibility (and its owner). It helps by predisposing potential customers to believe the brand when a new product or service approaches. In essence, consumer PR…