Hiring A PR Firm

a woman with pink hair smiling because she has great digital PR for her consumer brand

Digital PR Tips for Consumer Products

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Are you wondering how to elevate your consumer product's market presence in the digital realm? Digital PR could be your answer. Understanding and implementing strategic digital public relations tactics can significantly impact your brand visibility…
a man thinking about hiring a publicist

How to Hire a Publicist

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Ever wonder why some brands are all over the news, their stories are shared far and wide, and names drop into conversations so effortlessly? It's like they have a secret weapon. Well, in a way, they do - it's called a publicist. You might think,…
A confident woman because she hired an award winning boutique agency

What is a Boutique Agency and Should You Consider One?

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As you research PR agencies you may see many touting that they are "boutique." What is a boutique agency? A boutique agency is an agency that prides itself on its smaller size, usually under 20 employees. Boutique agencies tend to offer either…
A woman who is trusted and respected because she built her brand with PR strategies

Building Brand Authority with PR Strategies: The Power of Perception

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The world is hyperconnected, and perception reigns supreme. How stakeholders like consumers, investors, and even employees view organizations can make or break their success. Enter public relations, where strategic communication and the power…
A man who is smiling because pre-IPO strategies for effective PR engagement worked.

Navigating the Pre-IPO: Strategies for Effective PR Engagement

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An IPO is arguably the most important phase in a company's history. Befitting its importance, preparing for an IPO should happen years in advance, especially from a reputational point of view. The last thing you want to do is wait until three…
A man with a cup of coffee who is confident that he has avoided common pitfalls when hiring a PR agency

Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Hiring a PR Agency

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There are over 8,500 PR agencies in the United States, and less than 1% of businesses ever receive press coverage. That suggests two things: the first is that PR agencies fail frequently, and second, most companies have never hired one. Hiring…