Create an Edge with Powerful Purpose Driven Public Relations

Why Purpose-Driven Public Relations Have an Edge  It’s easy to see why some companies are skeptical of shifting to a “purpose-driven” business model. Doing so requires companies to take a position on important, potentially controversial issues like environmental protection, workers’ rights, racial and gender discrimination, income inequality, and so on. Is Taking a Stand the […]

Why Brand Values Matter to Consumers, Now More Than Ever

Why Brand Values Matter to Consumers, Now More Than Ever The proof is in the numbers It’s more and more competitive to capture consumer attention, that’s why brand values matter to consumers more than ever. It’s getting harder and harder for brands to create positive impressions in the minds of consumers. Negative impressions tend to […]

How PR for B-Corps Makes a Difference

B-corps are uniquely positioned to be storytellers. But how does PR differ for B-Corps? Is purpose all it takes to thrive?   You started your company to make a difference in the world. You know it, your team knows it, and your loyal clients and customers know and believe in your product and your mission. […]

Social Ads During COVID Case Studies

Successful Influencer Campaigns in 5 Steps

Successful Influencer Campaigns Aren’t Unicorns PR has a number of tools in its tool belt, one of them is successful influencer campaigns & partnerships. In consumer goods, influencer marketing is establishing a significant place in the mix. When we see some of these campaigns, a little part of our PR soul dies. Frankly, some of […]

5 Tips To Secure Executive Speaking Engagements

There are only so executive speaking spots in a given year. Securing an executive speaking engagement is an honor, so if your  PR and marketing plan includes pitching trade show organizers, it’s never too early to get your house in order. Every conference opens calls for speakers differently and every conference accepts pitches differently, but […]