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A man with a cup of coffee who is confident that he has avoided common pitfalls when hiring a PR agency

Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Hiring a PR Agency

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There are over 8,500 PR agencies in the United States, and less than 1% of businesses ever receive press coverage. That suggests two things: the first is that PR agencies fail frequently, and second, most companies have never hired one. Hiring…
a woman contemplating the importance of a PR crisis plan

The Importance of a Crisis Communication Plan

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Have you ever wondered how organizations maintain their reputation in the face of adversity? The answer often lies in their ability to manage crises effectively through a well-structured crisis communication plan. Such plans are essential in…
What does ChatGPT mean for owned content?

What Does AI Mean for Owned Content?

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We're living in a post-ChatGPT world. One place where we're seeing a lot of discussion is around content. So what does AI mean for content marketing and content creators? The discussions I'm having with colleagues and clients are two-fold. First,…
cannabis tech CMO

3 Lessons Cannabis Tech Can Learn From Silicon Valley Failures

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[3 minutes] Some have said that the fastest-growing sector in cannabis is cannabis technology. While cannabis technology companies often serve very specific regulatory needs, even after the DEA rescheduled cannabis, and enter the marketplace…

How Important is Company Reputation?

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Can you operate in a place where you don't have a corporate reputation but still sell products? Absolutely. We see companies like that selling products on Amazon all the time. They're usually the cheapest and accompanied by less-than-credible…

Why Is PR So Expensive?

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I have a friend who once described PR as the "dark arts," and while I completely disagree with that assessment, what he was getting at is he really didn't understand how PR works. Reputable PR firms are the opposite of "dark arts"; they're very…