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pre-IPO PR roadmap

Pre-IPO PR Roadmap for Startups: Cybersecurity and ESG

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It's impossible to ignore the dismal status of IPOs right now. But investor advisors from PwC to Morgan Stanley are reminding startups - this will eventually change, and startups need to use this time strategically. As startups embark on their…
PR for Pre-IPO companies
5 Reasons Why Doing PR is Vital to Success

Why Do PR: 5 Reasons Why PR is Vital to Success

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Do we need PR? Possibly. Possibly not. It all starts with your goals. These are the 5 reasons why PR is vital to growth. Straight up: PR is a true differentiator; less than 1% of companies ever receive media coverage. And reputation management…
Purpose Driven Strategies

What is a Purpose Driven Strategy

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What is a Purpose-driven strategy? It's the natural evolution of four converging cultural changes; the first is when social, cultural, and environmental issues became more visible and urgent, followed by consumers who expect brands to connect…
Publicity Lessons for Female Founders from Sara Blakely Spanx XEO

3 Publicity Lessons Female Founders Can Learn from Sara Blakely

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Sara Blakely didn't become one of the most admired female CEOs without taking her public image seriously. Blakely credits her publicity-savvy approach to her grass-roots success that launched a billion-dollar exit. Sara Blakely became notable…
Avaans Media is a cannabis PR firm that matters

Why Hiring a Cannabis PR Firm Matters

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Ask anyone who works in the cannabis industry: it's different from any other industry. It's not "just another CPG" product. It's a highly regulated, heavily watched, extremely volatile industry. Our firm handled the first cannabis product…