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5 competitive advantages of PR

5 Remarkable Competitive Advantages of PR

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Investing in PR is a commitment, so before you get started, it's important to be clear on the competitive advantages of PR. Clarity around these advantages can ultimately help you enhance your overall PR outcomes. Enhance Credibility A…
leverage media coverage

5 Ways To Leverage Media Coverage

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5 Ways to Leverage Media Coverage Leveraging media coverage is the key to maximizing PR outcomes for hyper-growth brands and emerging industries.   This post originally appeared in Authority Magazine Welcome to another installment…
Publicity Lessons for Female Founders from Sara Blakely Spanx XEO

3 Publicity Lessons Female Founders Can Learn from Sara Blakely

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Sara Blakely didn't become one of the most admired female CEOs without taking her public image seriously. Blakely credits her publicity-savvy approach to her grass-roots success that launched a billion-dollar exit. Sara Blakely became notable…
Avaans Media is a cannabis PR firm that matters

Why Hiring a Cannabis PR Firm Matters

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Ask anyone who works in the cannabis industry: it's different from any other industry. It's not "just another CPG" product. It's a highly regulated, heavily watched, extremely volatile industry. Our firm handled the first cannabis product…
woman CEO thought leader

CEO Thought Leadership: Why Ambitious Executives Stay Visible

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The role of the CEO is ever-changing and one of the most notable evolutions is the expectation that a CEO be a visible leader. Some of the world's best-known brands just wouldn't be the same without their visible CEOs or founders. Ambitious…
3 Measurable Ways PR Increases Revenue

3 Measurable Ways PR Increases Revenue

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3 Measurable Ways PR Increases Revenue For Fast-Growing Brands and Emerging Industries If you're considering investing in a PR agency for your emerging industry or fast-growing brand, you might wonder what ways does PR increase revenue outcomes…