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a woman who indicates with the OK sign she understands the role of paid content in public relations

Unveiled: Paid Placements in Public Relations

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As a respected and experienced PR agency, a question we get all the time is, "Can you guarantee coverage?" The answer to this question gets cloudier and cloudier as the media world evolves. First, let me explain that earned media, the most valuable…
female tech CEO with glasses lifting her hands to show why b2b tech PR is essential

3 Reasons B2B Tech PR is Essential

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The digital era has witnessed the burgeoning of technology companies that operate within the B2B realm. Their aim? To provide solutions that make business processes more efficient, streamlined, and profitable. In such a competitive ecosystem,…
PR for AI companies agency executive

What to Expect from PR Agencies with AI Experience

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In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping even emerging industries, PR agencies with AI experience are becoming pivotal in steering businesses toward success. But what exactly does this entail, and why is it crucial for companies,…
emerging industries and ambitious brands need to know these 2024 media trends

3 Media Trends Emerging and Ambitious Brands Need to Know

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When it comes to media trends emerging and ambitious brands need to know, no one knows that better than top PR agencies. Many things are driving media changes; social media is one. But so is the decrease in advertising revenue for publications,…
what should consumer brands do to prepare for the holiday shopping season

Consumer Brands Experts: Prepare for the Holiday Season Now

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A couple of times a year, I reach out to my network of consumer brand experts and agency owners to ask them what they're telling their clients right now. As consumer brands prepare for the holiday shopping season, my SEO, PR, Content, and…

How People Discover New Brands?

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You have a new product to launch. How can you ensure consumers find it when they're shopping? Marketing experts say the average person sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads in a single day; everyone of them claiming to be perfectly targeted to your…