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man asking if cancel culture is anything to be worried about

What Is Cancel Culture, and Should You Care?

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Have you ever witnessed a brand or public figure suddenly fall from grace, seemingly overnight? Why does this happen, and how does it affect not just the individuals or entities involved but society as a whole? This phenomenon, known as cancel…
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Avaans Media Honored for Media Relations Campaign

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PR Daily Media Relations Awards Presented to the Country’s Most Notable PR Campaigns LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2024 / -- Award-winning PR firm Avaans Media is pleased to announce the PR Daily Media Relations…

Measuring Public Relations for Consumer Brands

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As you start to consider the impact of PR on your consumer brand, it’s easy to look at its value through a traditional marketing or advertising lens. Granted, paid media may be easier to track and measure regarding ROI, but that doesn’t…

Purpose Driven PR vs Greenwashing – What’s The Difference

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Consumers no longer prefer brands that incorporate environmental initiatives - they demand it. It is no longer a novel feature reserved for what was once labeled 'eco' brands but is widely expected from consumers regardless of the industry.…
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The Role of PR for Consumer Products

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The landscape of consumer marketing and PR is perpetually shifting, with the direct-to-consumer (DTC) models marking one of the most significant trends in recent years. This model, particularly within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector,…
how much does a PR agency cost

How Much Does a PR Agency Cost?

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Maybe you've never hired a PR firm before, or maybe it's been a while and you're just unsure of what a PR agency costs. Either way, you're asking yourself, "how much will a PR firm cost me?" Since PR usually falls within the marketing budget,…