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man asking if cancel culture is anything to be worried about

What Is Cancel Culture, and Should You Care?

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Have you ever witnessed a brand or public figure suddenly fall from grace, seemingly overnight? Why does this happen, and how does it affect not just the individuals or entities involved but society as a whole? This phenomenon, known as cancel…
does google hate AI?

Does Google Hate Generated ChatGPT Content?

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We find ourselves amid a monumental transformation, a groundbreaking era in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping content creation. What initially started as a subtle tremor has now surged onto our digital horizons, offering boundless…

How to Get Featured in Magazines: A Consumer PR Cheat

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If your consumer brand is at a point in its journey where you’re wondering how to get featured in magazines, then it’s time to consider consumer PR. Many consumer brands have been successfully created through marketing and advertising, but…

Paid vs Earned Media: What’s The Deal?

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Consumer brand communications hinges on one core goal: getting in front of the right audience. However, for many businesses, this rarely surpasses the stage of paid media marketing. Could this be due to the fact that many companies feel out…
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The Role of PR for Consumer Products

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The landscape of consumer marketing and PR is perpetually shifting, with the direct-to-consumer (DTC) models marking one of the most significant trends in recent years. This model, particularly within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector,…
How Tech PR is changing

How Tech Public Relations Is Changing

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Have you ever wondered how the digital revolution is reshaping the world of public relations, especially in the tech sector? As communication channels multiply and audience behaviors shift, tech public relations navigate uncharted waters. The…