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how much does a PR agency cost

How Much Does a PR Agency Cost?

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Maybe you've never hired a PR firm before, or maybe it's been a while and you're just unsure of what a PR agency costs. Either way, you're asking yourself, "how much will a PR firm cost me?" Since PR usually falls within the marketing budget,…
what to look for in a PR firm before you hire them

6 Questions to Ask and What To Look For Before Hiring A PR Firm

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What Should You Really Be Look For In A PR Firm? Whenever I talk to someone hiring a PR firm, I really have empathy. We know, hiring a PR firm can be daunting. With increasing frequency, we're hearing stories from clients who have experienced…
Top CBD words to use in press releases
10 reasons a press release is effective

Are Press Releases Effective?

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 Is a press release an effective investment? That's a question that many business owners and marketing professionals are asking themselves in today's digital age. The answer, unfortunately, is not a simple one. If you've already done your…