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Melinda Adamec Cannabis Industry Marketing Expert

Melinda Adamec of Gabriel Marketing Group

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Meet Melinda Adamec, SVP at Gabriel Marketing, an agency specializing in cannabis industry marketing strategy consulting, digital marketing and advertising, SEO, marketing automation, and content development. First, a little background about…
Laura Wilkinson Sinton Cannabis Dispensary ExpertLenna Davis Photography

Meet Laura Wilkinson Sinton Dispensary Expert and Founder of Caligrown

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Meet Laura Wilkinson Sinton, Cannabis Dispensary Exert, and Consultant for legal dispensary applicants. Founder of Caligrown. First, a little background about Laura Wilkinson Sinton: I live in San Diego with 4 kids and 5 grandkids. My husband…
Michele Ringelberg of ThrivePop Cannabis Business Digital PR expert

Michele Ringelberg of ThrivePop – Cannabis Business Digital Marketing Expert

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Meet Michele Ringelberg, CEO of ThrivePop, a digital marketing firm specializing in cannabis. Fast-growing and ambitious brands in cannabis industry work with Michelle and her team to create digital marketing strategies and digital marketing…
How important is social media to cannabis brands

How Important Is Social Media to a Cannabis Brand?

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Despite the challenges for cannabis brands, social media is important to them. In 2005, just 5% of American adults were on at least one social media platform. By 2020, that number had risen to 72%. And as social media has become a ubiquitous…
cannabis marketing infographics 2015

Cannabis Marketing Stats Answer: How Much Should You Spend on Cannabis Marketing?

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Cannabis Marketing Stats that Help You With Your Cannabis Marketing Budget You can see the Turning Cannabis Event Marketing into Public Relations Opportunities changing daily and yet we haven't even reached anywhere close to a zenith in cannabis…