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PR's role today's new consumer marketing funnel driven by GenZ

The Role of PR in the New Consumer Funnel

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The new customer lifecycle model was first coined by Vogue Business when they declared "GenZ broke the marketing funnel." A pretty bold statement, yet there's evidence to suggest this is true. Rethinking the marketing funnel is serious business…
do consumer PR agencies need to be local

Do Consumer PR Agencies Need to Be Local?

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Public relations (PR) plays a huge role in establishing and preserving a company’s, organization’s, or person’s reputation today. It helps build and maintain good relationships between an organization and its stakeholders. Moreover, they…
check out these digital PR tips for fast growing companies

Digital PR Tips for Fast-Growing Brands

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In today's dynamic business landscape, fast-growing brands face challenges and unique opportunities regarding Public Relations (PR). As these brands scale rapidly, effective digital PR strategies for fast-growing brands become vital for maintaining…
why hiring an experienced cannabis PR firm is important

Why Does Hiring a PR Firm Experienced in Cannabis Public Relations Matter?

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Ask anyone working in the cannabis business, and they will tell you that it is unlike any other. This product isn’t “just another CPG.” It’s an intensely volatile, closely monitored, and strictly regulated sector, and a PR firm experienced…
female CEO looking for a boutique PR firm near her

When Does a Boutique PR Firm Matter?

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Is your company contemplating hiring a boutique PR firm? You're on the right path. In today's fast-paced, fiercely competitive business landscape, strategic public relations are more crucial than ever. A boutique PR firm enhances visibility…
a professional man consider pr as part of his pre-ipo strategy

Do I Need PR for a Pre-IPO Strategy?

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Thousands of people daily pass through Wall Street, New York's most iconic commercial hub. Despite the dazzling advertisements flashing on the giant screens outside NASDAQ, the majority of the crowd often needs to be more responsive to major…