consumer early adopter

5 Often Untapped Strategies of Early Adopter Marketing

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Ah, the early adopter. Their the people who grab on to things first, they start trends and they are influencers in their respective communities. Whether you're a startup, a movement or a personality, you need these early adopters. Marketing…
3 brand storytelling trends for 2022

3 Storytelling Trends for Businesses in 2022

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Today's brands are looking for ways to differentiate. Brand storytelling trends for businesses and especially emerging industries or hyper-growth brands are an important strategy, especially those in competitive industries. Brand storytelling…
social impact public relations

5 Tips for Creating Social Impact Movements That Matter

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Creating Social Impact with Movements that Matter Whether you're a nonprofit with a cause or a startup with an idea, at some point, I'm sure you've wondered whether your passion would ever catch spark with others. Social impact is here to stay.…
the secret to captivating owned content strategy

The Secret To Captivating Content Strategy

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Captivation Motivations can significantly change your content strategy. This is the second installment of a series on the seven Captivation Motivations. This installment is all about your owned media and creating a content strategy that meets…
customer focused communication strategy

Creating a Customer Focused Communication Strategy

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The Communication Strategy Everyone Will Thank You For. We're inundated with messages every day. As communicators, it's up to us to have  some empathy for our audience, whether that audience is the press, an employee, a customer, or an investor. Yet,…