4 Reasons Why PR Boosts Marketing Results

4 Reasons Why PR Boosts Marketing Results   [Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes] One thing is for certain: These are only 4 reasons why PR boosts marketing results almost immediately.  Brands, business owners, and entrepreneurs often overlook PR as part of their marketing strategy. That’s a shame because one thing you’ll notice about any top-level […]

5 GenZ Insights CMOs Need to Know

5 Must-Know GenZ Insights for CMOs and Marketers [5 minute read] GenZ vs. Millenials: What Marketers Need to Know GenZ is coming and CMOs and marketers need insights now. After a decade of news about Millenials, here comes GenZ, they make up 25% percent of the population. GenZ is here and CMOs will need to […]

What Google’s Latest Reviews Update Means for Consumer Products Digital PR

What Google’s Latest Product Reviews Update Means for Consumer Products Digital PR [4 minute read time] Product reviews are about to change and this will impact your digital PR and earned media, especially CPG or consumer product brands. Google is constantly updating how it evaluates websites, to surface the best content. As Google gets smarter, […]

PR for DTC Brands

PR for Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brands [Reading Time: 5 minutes] Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are increasingly growing in popularity. While the industry itself is hardly an emerging industry, many DTC products represent a disruption in the status quo.  Instead of buying from a third-party retailer, customers can purchase products or services directly from the company. Businesses with […]

Using Earned Media, Social Media, and PR to Maximize Brand Awareness

PR and Social Media for Maximum Brand Awareness   Nothing beats when PR and social media for brand awareness. Used together strategically, they give your brand a competitive edge. With more avenues available to companies to reach their audiences, we are more inundated with brand messaging than ever before. Despite the myriad ways that brands have to reach their customers, though, the proliferation of media channels means […]

Post-Pandemic Consumer Shifts for Emerging Industries

Post-Pandemic Consumer Shifts for Emerging Industries It’s no secret consumer behaviors experienced a major shift during the pandemic. Marketers and communicators have been watching closely to see how these changes would affect the post-pandemic world. For Team Avaans, we have our eyes on how these post-pandemic consumer shifts will particularly impact emerging industries like drones, […]