Make Google’s Latest Changes Your Secret Digital PR Weapon

Over 15 actionable tips for consumer and DTC brands

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What do Google, your PR, and affiliate networks have in common? They are the spine of your digital reputation. Consumer brands, especially DTC can no longer ignore the realities of how these once distinct digital tactics work together today.

Digital PR is real. And yet, so many PR professionals overlook the realities and intersection of Google and the media. Today’s PR isn’t really complete without Google considerations.

Many of the changes from Google are incredibly exciting for consumer brands. Those brands who understand the changes with more frequent earned media and better search results on owned and paid content like press releases will be rewarded with better search visibility and content stickiness.

Turn your PR into a revenue-generating machine with our actionable insights and tips that your competitors have probably overlooked.

From branded journalism to product reviews, and even press releases, Google’s changes and affiliate networks are essential considerations for any consumer brand that is trying to raise awareness online. These changes even impact your influencer campaigns.

Our easy-to-digest and insightful whitepaper is an at-a-glance resource every time you’re creating content for owned, paid, or earned media.


Not only is cannabis an emerging industry, but it has a distinct set of regulations that often vary by state. Cannabis recalls are not like any other CPG recalls. They are a crisis unique to the cannabis industry.

Our report is specific to the cannabis industry, based on our experiences working with cannabis recalls. We outline steps you can take before, during, and after a cannabis recall to limit and contain brand damage from the crisis. There are so many moving parts to cannabis recall that you can’t prepare for in advance, but communications is a process you can prepare for before it ever happens.

Don’t wait for this to happen to your cannabis brand. Prepare in advance for a recall and feel more in control when it happens.


Free Download Packed with Commercial Drone PR Insights & Strategies

As an emerging industry, commercial drones face a host of unknown business dynamics, from changing FAA regulations, to supply chain and finally: public acceptance.

Recent research shows Americans are mostly distrustful of UAVs and their applications.

Yet, these circumstances supply a window of opportunity to U.S. drone companies to educate the public on the opportunities and societal benefits of drone use. However, in today’s media environment, shaping public opinion requires a holistic reputation management strategy.

Our white paper includes Skydio, Zipline, and Lucid Technologies shows how three leading drone companies, each in different stages of growth, are using public relations and communications to position themselves for future growth.


Free Guide Packed with Purpose Driven PR Strategies

Are purpose-driven brands born or made? How can you use today’s deepest insights to develop a greater purpose within your company?

Today’s brands know consumers demand brand values, and the future belongs to companies who can align their own mission with the futuristic vision of today’s consumers.