DTC consumer using the metaverse

Should DTC Brands Join the Metaverse?

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Because of the competitive nature of customer acquisition, hyper-growth DTC (D2C) brands are always looking for ways to improve word of mouth and awareness. So it's no surprise that a lot of fast-growing DTC brands of all sizes are asking, "should…
leverage media coverage

5 Ways To Leverage Media Coverage

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5 Ways to Leverage Media Coverage Leveraging media coverage is the key to maximizing PR outcomes for hyper-growth brands and emerging industries.   This post originally appeared in Authority Magazine Welcome to another installment…
Publicity Lessons for Female Founders from Sara Blakely Spanx XEO

3 Publicity Lessons Female Founders Can Learn from Sara Blakely

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Sara Blakely didn't become one of the most admired female CEOs without taking her public image seriously. Blakely credits her publicity-savvy approach to her grass-roots success that launched a billion-dollar exit. Sara Blakely became notable…
CPG PR agency goals

3 PR Goals for CPG Brands You Can’t Ignore

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CPG brands have seen a lot of success in recent years, and PR is a big part of that. But it's important for CPG brands to set goals with their PR agencies.  Brands looking for CPG PR agencies may not know where to start or have had an unpleasant…
Growth marketing and PR can work together, and make everything work better.

Can Growth Marketing and Public Relations Work Together?

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Can growth marketing and public relations work together. Growth marketing is about customer acquisition and retention, often through paid media, with relentless iterations and deeply engaged knowledge of the consumer. Public relations is reputation…
How direct to consumer brands can continue to grow with today's consumers using PR

How Direct-to-Consumer Brands Can Continue to Grow

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We live in a world where ideas, products, and signals are happening so fast that it's hard for the consumer to process everything. Yet, direct-to-consumer brands can continue to grow with a strategic eye on awareness and trust.  If we weren't…