uncertain consumer mindsets fall 2022

Consumer Mindsets According to Google for Fall 2022

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We're just about to round the corner to a key consumer buying season: the fall. And about the only thing that's certain is consumer uncertainty; but consumers aren't giving up on conscious consumption. Nothing shows that more than the latest…
product PR for holidays

The Importance of Product PR During the Holidays

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As the holiday season approaches, product PR becomes more important than ever. Competition from major brands, standing out from the crowd, and capturing people in a buying mood are all great reasons to do product PR during the holidays.  Now…
Jake Wall Cannabis Beverage Maison Bloom

Meet Jake Wall of Maison Bloom Cannabis Beverage Brand

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Meet Jake Wall, his passion for innovation is apparent in his latest offering, Maison Bloom, a cannabis beverage brand. Jake's innovations are fueled by his passion for human-centered design, which are apparent in his consulting firm, Playtpus…
steps to a successful cpg product launch

10 Steps to a Successful Product Launch

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In a competitive market, launching a new product is crucial for brands to stay relevant and maintain their current customers. Before you launch your next CPG (consumer packaged goods) product, consider the following PR strategies: 8 Months…
Google PRU and consumer pr and content

Google’s Latest Product Review Update Means for Consumer Products PR

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Google once again updated its Product Review Update for 2022. Google's Product Review Update and consumer PR are closely tied. Yet, for many CMOs and PR people, this update falls below the radar, but it has big implications for consumer products,…
PR for DTC Brands

PR for DTC Brands

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PR for Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brands [Reading Time: 5 minutes] Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are increasingly growing in popularity. While the industry itself is hardly an emerging industry, many DTC products represent a disruption in…