a female cannabis marketing director in a yellow suit kicking towards the camera because she's excited about the cannabis collaborations.

Cannabis Collaborations for Consumer Products

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Over the past decade, the cannabis industry has undergone remarkable growth, evolving from a predominantly illicit market into a thriving legal industry with a diverse range of products. This growth has been fueled by changing regulations, increasing…
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Cannabis PR in Arizona – All You Need to Know

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What exactly IS the importance of cannabis PR in Arizona for your business? With a slight increase in average item prices to $18.88 yet a significant 12.8% drop in total sales to $102.18 million as of May 2024, Arizona's cannabis market presents…
why hiring an experienced cannabis PR firm is important

Why Does Hiring a PR Firm Experienced in Cannabis Public Relations Matter?

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Ask anyone working in the cannabis business, and they will tell you that it is unlike any other. This product isn’t “just another CPG.” It’s an intensely volatile, closely monitored, and strictly regulated sector, and a PR firm experienced…
questions to ask top cannabis pr firms

Questions to Ask Top Cannabis PR Firms

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You may be at the beginning of your search, or you may have narrowed down your choices, but wherever you are in your cannabis PR firm search, you should know that the top cannabis PR firms should all have these skills. Notice these skills may…
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Digital PR for Cannabis Companies

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Are you harnessing the full potential of digital PR to boost your cannabis company's brand visibility and market reach? In the fast-evolving cannabis industry, where regulatory landscapes and market dynamics shift continuously, effective digital…
A woman who is trusted and respected because she built her brand with PR strategies

Building Brand Authority with PR Strategies: The Power of Perception

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The world is hyperconnected, and perception reigns supreme. How stakeholders like consumers, investors, and even employees view organizations can make or break their success. Enter public relations, where strategic communication and the power…