5 GenZ Insights CMOs Need to Know

5 Must-Know GenZ Insights for CMOs and Marketers [5 minute read] GenZ vs. Millenials: What Marketers Need to Know GenZ is coming and CMOs and marketers need insights now. After a decade of news about Millenials, here comes GenZ, they make up 25% percent of the population. GenZ is here and CMOs will need to […]

Post-Pandemic Consumer Shifts for Emerging Industries

Post-Pandemic Consumer Shifts for Emerging Industries It’s no secret consumer behaviors experienced a major shift during the pandemic. Marketers and communicators have been watching closely to see how these changes would affect the post-pandemic world. For Team Avaans, we have our eyes on how these post-pandemic consumer shifts will particularly impact emerging industries like drones, […]

PR and Social Media for DTC (Direct to Consumer) Brands

Using PR and Social Media for DTC Brands  [5 minute read] Direct-to-consumer brands are increasingly growing in popularity and there are distinctive expectations consumers have for DTC brands in PR and Social Media. Instead of buying from a third-party retailer, customers can purchase products or services directly from the company. Businesses with successful DTC brands typically have one thing in […]

Launching a Consumer Lifestyle-By Subscription with PR

Building a CPG Brand with Press Coverage

Social Ads During COVID Case Studies