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social media influencer disclosure

Social Media Influencers: When To Disclose

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Updated FTC Guidance on Influencer Marketing Disclosure Updated July 13, 2023   The FTC's job is to preserve consumer trust. When the FTC adds clarity to its regulations, the purpose is usually to make the guidelines more clear, and…
Purpose Driven Public Relations

How to Decide When Choosing PR, Marketing or Branding Agency?

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At Avaans,  we offer those services to our clients, but sometimes we find our clients think they need one thing when what they actually need is another. So what's the difference and when should you use each as a strategy. In truth, your…
tourism social media agency los angeles

Travel Loyalty in the Social Media

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Social Media Is Your Partner in Travel Branding It's no secret that today more than ever, digital branding in travel and tourism matters. According to Google, only 9% of travelers know the brand they want to book with when they start their…
social media advertising for lifestyle brands

Social Advertising for Travel, Tourism, and Lifestyle Brands

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Social advertising is here to stay, but with all the options available many brands don’t feel comfortable with the many options, formats, and platforms available. For travel, tourism and lifestyle brands, social advertising is the pre-eminent…
5 emotional triggers in marketing

5 Emotions For Your Marketing & When To Use Them

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Imagine your advertising and marketing becoming 2X more effective overnight. Using emotions in marketing and branding is the key to more effective campaigns According to Roger Dooley, emotional ads work TWICE as well as rational ads. So it's…