There’s a lot of content being written today about content. From Content Rules to my current read WikiBrands (affiliate links) to the literally hundreds of blogs I read in  a week: we live content. Why? We living in a world where generating content means we have something to share. Something which illustrates who we are, as people, as brands.

And yet, the number one question I get about social media is still “what do we say”?

Let me tell you a story. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. People save their whole lives to visit Hawaii. Lucky me – I see the powerful Pacific ocean every time I get into my car and I drive past the iconic Diamond Head every time I go into “town”. Yet, even island life has a quickened pace (at least my island life does), and I recently realized that I had stopped noticing Diamond Head or the ocean as I whizzed past on my daily rush to get things done. Once I realized this, I chided myself by writing a note on my dashboard (I love sticky notes) that said “PULL OVER”.

Its a reminder that the awesomeness is often right beneath our noses. Guess what? Awesomeness=great content. The things we take for granted are very often the things that create good content. Think about it: your employees, the funky building your business occupies, the fact that the company was started during another recession, or the first day the Space Shuttle went into space. Maybe its the tools you use in your company. Its these pieces that create the humanity that make a company interesting for more than its latest sale. Its these parts of your company that create the culture – and therefore the customer experience. Its hard to share in the beginning. I know, but that’s what makes this so incredible: chances are, these  things are elements and pieces that the public already see, they just don’t know why they are special. Good news: that’s what social media is for.

Now go out there and PULL OVER!

I invite you to share with us your “PULL OVER”  moment.