Keeping up with social media bloggers just got easier

I’m an avid reader of social media blogs. I probably read 100’s a week. I have a few favorites, but I find much brilliance from those  I stumble upon them. To increase my “stumble upon” them rate, several months ago I subscribed to Social Media Informer. What I  liked about this aggregation site was a couple of things 1) they hand selected featured authors, and featured articles by respected authors like Jay Baer, Chris Brogan and Amber Naslund but 2) along with these and other known thought leaders where those bloggers in the “don’t get enough credit” category.  3) I didn’t get 100’s of pieces of spam from giving them my email address. 4) I loved that I was getting a wide swath of info and viewpoints, some of which conflicted with one another…I LOVE that, its like crack for the critical mind.

In short, Social Media Informer has been one of my favorites in a treasure trove of tools. SO, that’s why I’m excited to announce that this blog will be one of the featured blogs of the Social Media Informer. But forget the fact that I’m excited – I’m sharing it with you because I wanted you to have a chance to check it too. Getting the best of the best blogs is tough and there is only so much time we can all dedicate to reading. So, cut to the chase and get the good stuff. Hopefully I can live up to the bloggers who “don’t get enough credit” category.