Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile makes appearance in Hawaii

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Meier Weiner….” I guess even knowing that song dates me, but I can live with that. As a child, I never got sick of that song…and even today, I remember it when strolling down the aisles of the grocery. Who says ad dollars aren’t worth every penny?!

The Oscar Myer Weinermobile makes an appearance in Hawaii this week. Hawaii is celebrating its 50th year as a state this year, the Weiner mobile started in 1936, making the Weinermobile the older of the two. Put it in perspective. Oscar Meyer’s stunt is perhaps the oldest and longest running mobile marketing campaign in the country.

The Weinermobile is big news for bloggers in the Aloha State and Oahu specifically as moms and Hawaii residents and tourists alike love to see it and write about it. And the tour in Hawaii will last over July 4th and into the following weeks. Surely hosting this American icon over such a venerable holiday is an honor.

Kraft is smart about their event marketing campaign, its integrates nicely with their website, they have a blog and them seem to focus on  cities in the DMA 50-100 range. Smart. In these markets, they get more visability from TV, radio, newspapers and even bloggers.  With 8 mobiles + the new mini Weiner mobile, cruising throughout the country hitting county fairs and grocery stores, its no wonder this continues to be a favorite with communities. Personally, I am surprised that the marketing department at Kraft missed the chance to make an appearance at the Little League tournaments later in July, given that the world Little League champs are in Waipio, Hawaii. Maybe the Hawaii Little League didn’t want to share the spotlight? I doubt it.

Besides the business wisdom of the Weinermobile campaign, its easy to appreciate a hot dog on wheels that jams out to “I wish I had an Oscar Meyer Weiner” in different genres, including dance music. Oh, I might need to get a Weinerwhistle too…. have a good summer! Here’s to hoping all event marketing campains are as successful and impact a brand so successfully!