Launching April 17th

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Did you know less than 1% of businesses ever reach $1 million in revenue? It’s true. This podcast gives you three great takeaways in short, stackable episodes from CEOs leading the top 1% of businesses. Our guests are CEOs of growing, ambitious companies who answer three questions within 15 minutes. The condensed format means we get right to the heart of the answer without much fluff.

I started this podcast because, over my career, I have worked with and for some truly inspirational CEOs. I believe every one of them has something to share. But as a business owner myself, I know everyone’s schedule is packed. That’s why I wanted a short, to-the-point, yet interesting format. Each episode is less than 30 minutes end to end. Listeners can binge-listen, or they can listen one at a time. I truly hope this podcast is enjoyable for our guests and listeners.

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