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Avaans CEO Tara Coomans Named to NCIA Committee for the Third Year in a Row

Tara Coomans, a cannabis PR expert, is celebrating another industry accomplishment. The NCIA, the nation’s leading cannabis industry association, has for the third year in a row, named Avaans Media’s very own Tara Coomans to the Marketing and Advertising Committee (MAC). From advertising creatives to communication leaders, and branding experts, the MAC committee members are some of the cannabis industry’s best-connected and most respected professionals.

After spearheading the 2022 NCIA Best of 420 Clio Cannabis Award Coomans, this year, Coomans will serve with an esteemed and select group of 21 other cannabis industry professionals to advance the cannabis industry’s marketing, advertising, and PR initiatives. “The 2022 NCIA Best of 420 Clio Cannabis Awards are an absolute highlight, and I’m extremely proud we were successful in celebrating cannabis’ creative and successful campaigns,” said Coomans.

Coomans, who has been in cannabis PR since 2015, and set the standard for national cannabis coverage with placements in Rolling Stone, Quartz, and Refinery29 before California even approved adult recreation cannabis use. “From the start, been important to me to represent cannabis positively, giving consumers and journalists an opportunity to understand the plant and its industry better – NCIA is a natural extension of that commitment.

The 2023 MAC Committee appointment runs through December 31, 2023. While Coomans is based in Los Angeles, MAC Committee members are distributed throughout the United States.

Congratulations to our CEO, Tara Coomans, on this revered appointment.