Should Your PR Agency Be Your Social Media Agency?

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when should your PR agency be your social media agency

Should Your PR Agency Be Your Social Media Agency?

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One of the most powerful and precious assets every company has is its brand. With consumers being more aware of and concerned with the messages brands put out than ever before, a company’s social media channels are crucial tools for them to express their values, reach out to customers and other stakeholders, and maintain their image.  

2018 study from Accenture showed 63 percent of consumers preferred to support brands that they viewed as sharing their values and beliefs, and social media is a way to engage directly with your customer base. 

However, with more and more of the population paying attention to companies’ actions and what they say, your social media channels require more attention and maintenance. It may be time to call in some outside help to manage your business’ social media feeds. 

When you’re taking your brand very seriously then it becomes very obvious why social media strategy, content, and community management is a job for seasoned communications professional whose job it is to stay on top of platforms, trends, and potential landmines in social media.

Learn more about what the social media experts at Avaans PR agency can do for your brand and your business. Contact us today to learn about how we’ll grow your social media community.  


When Should Your PR Agency Also Be Your Social Media Agency?


Working with a PR agency for social media allows you to have your earned media and owned media work together seamlessly. After all, if there are two places you want brand consistency it’s in media messaging and customer messaging.  When you work with an experienced, dedicated PR team that understands social media, they won’t just learn your brand inside and out, they’ll be an extension of it. They’ll work closely with your team to make sure their social media content is an authentic reflection of your voice and your brand.   

In addition, they’ll be able to leverage robust social media analytics tools that will help you learn more about your customers, target market segments with relevant messaging, and effectively extend your brand. 

Here is an overview of the ways a skilled PR agency can benefit your social media presence.  

Crisis Management for Social Media


Your social media feeds need to be monitored at all times. If you have good news to share, you can post it within minutes if you have a dedicated team ready to put that content out. If there’s bad news or you get a bad reaction to a post, you need someone ready to respond at all hours of the day with a well-planned and strategic answer.  

When you rely on an internal team to handle your social media, someone from your team has to be doing that job 24/7, but you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by having someone else take over your social media content. Having around-the-clock support also makes it easy to respond to minor technical issues, such as a landing page that isn’t quite working or a busted link in a Twitter or Facebook post. 

Expert-level advice and solutions

Running your social media accounts internally means putting together a team with the skills and resources to handle that job. Translating social media savvy into tangible results for your company is a skill, and it’s not something just anyone can do. This is especially true if your business doesn’t work in marketing or a related field. In the time it takes to find, hire, and train an internal social media team, you could hire an outside team of experts to do a much more effective job. 

Stretch your marketing budget further 


Marketing and advertising are essential components for any growing business, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most value for what you’re spending. If you’re relying on your own team to manage your social media, you may not be using your platforms and resources as effectively as you could be.  


An outside company that specializes in social media management is more likely to be on top of the latest trends and tools. They’re also more incentivized to help you grow, as they’ll need to deliver positive results if you’re going to keep using their services. 

Outside perspective 


Never squander an opportunity to get an outsider’s perspective on your business. While they may not know the whole history of your company, they’ll be quick to learn it, and an outsider will be better able to see both your strengths and your weaknesses. They can then help you promote those strengths in a way your customers and others in your audience will find compelling. 

Top-tier tools 


While there are many free tools or individual subscriptions available to track your social media performance, these tools are somewhat limited and can become cost-prohibitive once you start using several of them every month. PR agencies have access to much more robust systems, and you get access to everything they have when you hire them to run your social media. 

Let your team focus on essential tasks 


Creating an in-house social media team when your company isn’t in the social media space means you’re taking time and effort away from doing what you do best. Save your attention and energy for other matters while letting an experienced social media team handle that aspect of your business for you. 

Proven Results 


At Avaans Media, we want to help purpose-driven brands find success using our proven tools and methods. Our founding and culture is digitally forward, which means we’ve been a leading source of social media by brands around the country since 2008. By harnessing our strengths, your organization can expand its reach and find new, exciting ways to interact with your audience. 


We’ve already applied our skills to social media campaigns for a number of brands and organizations. In one case, we partnered with a group aiming to improve early-education outcomes for young children in poor families where English is not the primary language. By relying on content with heavy visuals and a peer-to-peer tone, we were able to generate more than 401,000 impressions among our target audience over six months, with an engagement rate of 52 percent.  

Our efforts also helped spur the state legislature to pass more funding for early education programs, especially among younger children in economically challenged families. 

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