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Are you wondering how to elevate your consumer product’s market presence in the digital realm? Digital PR could be your answer. Understanding and implementing strategic digital public relations tactics can significantly impact your brand visibility and consumer engagement. So, without further ado, read on as we explore the essential aspects of digital PR and how it uniquely applies to consumer products and provide you with 20 practical tips to enhance your presence with digital PR tips for consumer products.

But First, What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a strategy businesses employ to enhance their online visibility and presence. PR firms use digital media tactics, such as content marketing, social media, and influencer partnerships, to build brand reputation and visibility. This approach involves not only traditional media outreach but also engaging with content creators, managing online reviews, and using search engine optimization to ensure that the positive content about your brand reaches your target audience.

How is Digital PR Different for Consumer Products?

Digital PR is tailored for consumer products interacting directly with the end consumer rather than through intermediaries like distributors or retailers. It involves creative storytelling that resonates personally, leveraging platforms where consumers are likely to spend their time online. This direct-to-consumer approach helps build a vibrant community around the consumer products brand, thus fostering brand loyalty and enabling direct, valuable feedback from the consumers themselves. Digital PR tips for consumer products means staying up to date on your product and current digital PR tactics.

Market History

The evolution of digital PR has been marked by the shifting focus from traditional print and broadcast campaigns to dynamic, multi-channel digital strategies. Initially, PR for consumer products was predominantly about securing print media coverage and television spots. However, with the internet’s growth, the landscape shifted towards engagement through social media, guest blogs, and other online platforms. Today, PR firms with experience in digital landscapes are more crucial than ever, blending technology and creativity to connect brands with modern consumers globally.

Digital PR Tips for Consumer Products

Effective digital PR strategies are paramount in the competitive landscape of consumer goods. They boost brand visibility and engagement and forge meaningful connections with the audience. Here are 20 tips to harness the power of digital PR for consumer products:

Tip #1: Develop a Compelling Brand Narrative for Consumer PR

A compelling brand narrative is essential for connecting emotionally with consumers. This narrative should weave through every aspect of your digital PR strategy, from social media posts to email campaigns. Consistently share stories that resonate with your target demographic, positioning your product as indispensable to their lifestyle. This ongoing storytelling fosters a deep, personal connection, transforming customers into brand advocates and some of the loyal supporters.

Tip #2: Leverage Influencer Partnerships

Partnering with the right influencers can instantly catapult your brand into the spotlight. Opt for influencers whose values align with your brand and authentically exhibit enthusiasm for your products. Provide them with unique experiences and let their authentic voices carry your message. This broadens your reach organically and enhances credibility, as followers often trust influencers’ recommendations as much as friends, leading to increased sales.

Tip #3: Utilize Social Media Platforms for Supercharged Digital PR

Get social media platforms where your target audience is highly engaged, and customize your content to suit the distinctive culture of each platform. Create consistent, engaging posts that resonate with user preferences to help build a robust community around your brand. This strategic presence enhances visibility and fosters interactive relationships with consumers, keeping your brand in mind, which is vital for maintaining ongoing engagement and relevance in a crowded digital marketplace.

Tip #4: Engage with User-Generated Content

Inspire your customers to recount their product experiences and stories online. Whether through reviews, photos, or videos, user-generated content (UGC) serves as an endorsement for potential customers. Recognizing and rewarding these contributors strengthens your community and enhances loyalty and trust among your consumer base. This approach to embracing UGC is critical in building an authentic image that resonates with customers.

Tip #5: Optimize Your Consumer PR for Search Engines

SEO is essential for enhancing your digital footprint. Make sure your website, blog posts, and social media content are all optimized to achieve higher rankings in search engine results. Effective SEO practices help drive more organic traffic to your site and strengthen your brand’s online authority and credibility. Prioritize keywords, meta descriptions, and quality backlinks to ensure top-tier search performance. This strategic focus is essential for growing your digital presence and reaching a broader audience.

Tip #6: Use Digital PR to Conduct Virtual Press Releases

Modernize your approach to PRs by going virtual. Utilize engaging multimedia elements like videos and infographics to capture the attention of media outlets and consumers alike. This approach reaches a wider audience and caters to the digital consumption habits of today’s media landscape, increasing the likelihood of your news being shared. By adapting to these techniques, you enhance your brand’s visibility and engage effectively with your audience across various platforms.

Tip #7: Focus on Data-Driven Insights

Take a page out of B2B public relations and utilize analytics tools to acquire insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Tailor your digital PR strategies based on this data to ensure your messaging is consistently effective. Regular analysis helps refine your approaches, ensuring your brand remains relevant and responsive to market dynamics and consumer needs. This methodical use of data optimizes your campaigns and enhances engagement by aligning closely with your audience’s wants.

Tip #8: Embrace Mobile Marketing

As mobile device usage increases, it’s imperative to ensure that all your digital content is optimized for mobile accessibility. From websites to emails, making your digital assets responsive enhances user experience and engagement. Adopting a mobile-first approach ensures your brand effectively reaches consumers on their most-used devices. This strategy is essential for staying relevant when mobile accessibility can influence consumer interactions and overall satisfaction with your brand.

Tip #9: Incorporate Interactive Technologies

Use AR and VR to create immersive experiences that make your products come alive. These technologies can potentially revolutionize how consumers engage with your brand, offering novel ways to experience products before purchase. This sparks interest and can drive sales by providing an engaging, memorable interaction. Integrating AR and VR into your marketing strategies enhances consumer engagement, making your brand more innovative.

Tip #10: Use Real-Time Marketing

Capitalize on real-time marketing by aligning your brand with current events and trends. This strategy ensures your content remains fresh and relevant, effectively engaging your audience through timely reactions to news and cultural phenomena. Real-time marketing demonstrates your brand’s relevance and adaptability and captivates consumers with topical content, which is crucial for maintaining engagement and positioning your brand as a dynamic player.

Tip #11: Monitor Online Reputation

Actively monitor what’s being said about your brand online to manage and protect your reputation. Address negative feedback promptly and professionally, effectively mitigating potential crises into opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction. A strong online reputation attracts new customers and retains existing ones by bolstering trust in your brand. This proactive stance on reputation management is crucial in fostering a positive perception and maintaining an edge.

Tip #12: Create Shareable Content

Invest in creating content that is both informative and engaging enough to be shared widely. High-quality, visually appealing content captures attention and encourages sharing, exponentially increasing your brand’s reach. Shareable content also supports SEO efforts by generating backlinks and improving your site’s visibility and authority. By producing content that resonates and attracts viewers, you enhance your digital presence and establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

Tip #13: Host Webinars and Live Sessions

Host webinars and live sessions to engage directly with your audience. These platforms offer a space to showcase product demos, answer questions, and interact in real-time, providing a personal flair that can differentiate your brand. Such sessions also gather direct feedback and cultivate a feeling of community and inclusion among participants. Utilizing these interactive tools enhances customer relationships and boosts loyalty, making your brand more responsive to consumer needs.

Tip #14: Develop Email Marketing Campaigns

Craft tailored email marketing campaigns to keep your audience informed and engaged about your latest products, promotions, and content. Segmenting your lists allows for tailored messages that resonate with different groups of consumers. This helps maintain interest and loyalty by directly delivering relevant, valuable content to their inboxes. By personalizing Digital PR  for consumer products communication, you enhance relationships and ensure that your efforts are effective and appreciated by your audience.

Tip #15: Collaborate with Other Consumer Brands

Form strategic partnerships with other brands that complement your products for great consumer PR. These collaborations can extend your reach and add combined value to your customers. Co-branded campaigns can amplify your brand’s credibility, utilizing the strengths of each partner to create a compelling marketing proposition. This strategy broadens your audience and enhances your brand’s appeal through association, making your offerings more attractive to potential customers.

Tip #16: Invest in Quality Photography

High-quality, professional photography is critical in making your products stand out online. Invest in crisp, captivating images that highlight your product’s best features. Good visuals are crucial on visual-driven platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where engaging images can significantly boost your content’s visibility and shareability. Ensuring your top-notch photos enhances consumer attraction and engagement, effectively driving more interactions with your brand.

Tip #17: Implement Crisis Management Strategies

Implement a comprehensive crisis management strategy to prepare for potential digital crises. This step involves monitoring for and quickly responding to any negative incidents or feedback that could harm your brand reputation. Effective crisis management safeguards your brand image and aids in maintaining credibility and trust with your audience. By proactively addressing concerns and demonstrating responsiveness, you show commitment to customer satisfaction, which is crucial.

Tip #18: Leverage Podcasts

Engage with your audience through podcasts, either by sponsoring episodes or participating in them. Select podcasts that resonate with your brand values. This medium offers a unique way to deepen consumer relationships through in-depth discussions and storytelling, enriching your brand’s narrative in the public sphere. Digital PR tips for consumer products includes connecting with listeners in this intimate format enhances brand loyalty and provides valuable insights, fostering a stronger community around your products.

Tip #19: Use Analytics for Consumer PR Feedback

Use analytics regularly to collect and analyze feedback from all your digital channels. This data is important for understanding consumer behavior, allowing for more informed decision-making in your PR strategies. By adapting to feedback, you can improve offerings and align your marketing efforts closely with consumer expectations. This ensures that your strategies are data-driven, enhancing effectiveness and ensuring your brand remains responsive and relevant in the dynamic market.

Tip #20: Be Consistent and Authentic

Consistency in your messaging and authenticity in your engagements are key to building and maintaining trust with your audience. Ensure that all your digital PR efforts are true to your brand’s values and consistently reflect your mission and vision. Authentic interactions help forge stronger connections, making your brand a trusted name in the consumer market. This commitment to authenticity attracts loyal customers and reinforces your brand’s integrity.

To conclude, in the fast-paced digital world, these 20 tips provide a guide for consumer product companies looking to enhance digital PR strategies. By focusing on storytelling, engaging directly with consumers, and utilizing modern technology, brands can achieve greater visibility and deeper consumer connections. Implementing these strategies with consistency and authenticity will ensure your brand attracts and retains consumer loyalty in a competitive marketplace.

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What makes someone a public relations expert? In a world where the definition of PR  can be wildly vast, how can one person be an expert in everything? I would propose there are many types of experts, and you need them all in your ecosystem because they support one another and you in different ways. This identification methodology works for any agency. Fundamentally, it’s why agencies exist: to connect you to experts. Finding an agency can be a real drag – and ultimately, what’s most important is who will be on your team. An expert team is the difference between PR success and PR flops. But if you’ve never hired a PR agency, you might be confused about what to look for in a PR agency. Ultimately, an agency is only as good as its team. So, what should you be looking for in an outstanding PR agency team, and what defines a public relations expert?


PR Strategist Experts

This is the most senior of PR experts. They’ve probably worked their way through multitudes of specializations from B2B Tech PR to Consumer PR and verticals. They’ve seen content platforms come and go, understand the ebb and flow of media, and dialed in enough to ideate on the spot while having a big enough picture to discuss plans a year or more in advance.  Because they know today’s dynamic communication environment, strategists are typically fans of data-informed strategies.

PR Strategists can also evaluate time/trends/budget to provide insights on what to expect and how to improve outcomes. No one likes it when I say, “Anything is possible with the right combination of time and trends,” because it makes it sound like things are out of your control. They are and aren’t – PR strategists are excellent at reading the tea leaves and providing recommendations that mitigate risk and optimize opportunity.

In short, your PR strategist expert has a 100,000-foot view of the media landscape and how a particular company can stand out.

PR Strategies Experts are defined by these attributes:

  • uses data to inform strategies
  • defines metrics and KPIs within the context of time and budget
  • maintains knowledge of current and upcoming platforms
  • understands the impact of current news, economy, and policy on an array of verticals 
  • has extensive business experience with a variety of outcomes, from raising capital to increasing awareness to IPO and investor relations

Account PR Experts

Account experts see the big picture of multiple moving parts and know how they fit into the strategy. As a more on-the-ground PR expert, they’re funneling up day-to-day information and news to make sure everyone is engaged in changes that may require shifts in the plan. PR Account experts are also most engaged with the client’s brand – they’re the de facto voice for the client in an agency. They should have the clearest understanding of who the brand is and isn’t and can articulate brand guardrails to ensure any work represents the brand. Account PR experts will also likely identify brand inconsistencies and recommend corrective actions.  As strategic implementors, they will be the first to identify impracticalities and challenges to a strategy and will work directly with a PR strategist to develop a pivot where it’s needed.  PR Account experts are outstanding communicators and are proactive with ideas and collaboration, as well as managing timelines and campaign calendars.

PR Account Experts are defined by these attributes:

  • understand how daily indicators may impact strategy
  • identifies and mediates day-to-day challenges in the implementation
  • acts as a brand defender within the agency
  • can identify brand inconsistencies and recommend remedies

Specialist PR Experts

There is a perception that specialists aren’t as experienced as strategists. That isn’t necessarily the case. Our 100% executive-level team includes specialists with 10 and 15 years of experience in their specialty. Specialists love a specific part of PR and communications and focus on it exclusively. Whether that specialty is something like influencer management, ghostwriting, media relations, or social media, the PR and marketing world needs expert PR specialists. They’re the most engaged on the ground, and they can tell you things like emerging topics over the last 24 hours, trending hashtags, or whether anyone is even using emojis anymore. Experienced PR specialist experts understand the ebb and flow of tech; they know how to navigate the details and have tactical solutions and ideas on ways to polish outputs for the audience, platform, or trend. Without PR specialist experts, everything would feel less personalized, on-trend, and ham-fisted. The specialist takes strategy and gives it life.

Your agency team may have numerous specialist PR experts. For example, you could have a technical SEO specialist, a media relations specialist, a social media or community management specialist, or a cyber security mitigation specialist who helps you plan for a PR crisis.

Specialist PR Experts are defined by these attributes:

  • deep understanding of platform communication intricacies
  • deep understanding of the key players within a topic
  • can identify trends and articulate their importance to the strategy
  • can quickly navigate multiple technology platforms

Having a team of PR experts at your disposal is critical to PR success. Every member of your team has an important role to play, and every role adds perspective to the strategy and implementation. Part of the Avaans Media white glove experience is tailoring your team to your strategy from startup through IPO. Talk to us today about your specific PR expert needs.

Perhaps one of the greatest PR stories in history is about lifestyle icon Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart’s PR playbook is vast, and it’s nimble. She knows how to stay modern and adjust her PR strategies to the cultural temperature. From her early days as a model turned stockbroker turned caterer, Stewart has shown an uncanny ability to tap into our culture and even our forgiveness. Martha Stewart’s PR lessons for any consumer brand work from product promotion to thought leadership; Martha Stewart has PR lessons for every consumer product entrepreneur.

She Owns It
Martha Stewart became a consumer and lifestyle scion because she boldly suggested ambitious ideas without apology. She knows who she is and she knows when she leans into it, it captures the imagination, creates conversation, and gives her brand character.

In the early days of the insider trading accusations, the press skewered Martha Stewart for conducting interviews on a kitchen set. One journalist called it comical and said it was a bad PR move because it connected the scandal to her lifestyle image. But looking back at it, that was a fantastic choice. Martha Stewart always maintained her innocence throughout her trial and sentence. By calmly and coolly talking about the situation on her home turf, doing things she was comfortable doing, she takes the air out of the accusations and speaks straight to her fans. Stewart’s famously coy aloofness also helped. When she smiles, there’s always been this subtext that she knows more than she’s telling. That’s her superpower, and it leaves everyone hanging on for the next great recipe or design idea. Martha’s clever use of mystery is PR wielded in an expert fashion, despite over-exposure to her consumer products.

Skewered as she was, Wall Street believed in her. While she was in prison, her Martha Stewart Living (MSLO) stock jumped 70%. When Stewart emerged from her five-month jail sentence, she didn’t hide as many people would have. She went straight to the daytime talk shows and showed everyone her ankle bracelet. By the time she launches her show, a mere six months after her release, she premiers the show as “free and unfettered,” now that her ankle bracelet is gone. Throughout the entire experience, Stewart refused to be shamed, even when she was found guilty. It takes courage to pull that off, but Stewart never wavered, and it worked for her.

She Says “Yes”

There are two strategies for building a brand. The first is cool aloofness, and the second is relentless exposure. Stewart is the second. Being a caterer sounds like a sexy job but also incredible work. But Stewart kept saying yes. As a caterer, Steward contributed to The New York Times and served as the newspaper’s food and entertainment editor. Six years after launching her successful celebrity catering company, she published her first book and never stopped working. She publishes more books—99 at this writing, a monthly magazine, and pre-and post—jail time TV shows, not to mention thousands of media interviews and call-ins to everyone from Howard Stern to Sirius talk radio shows after launching her talk radio show, Martha Stewart is the hardest working woman in show business. Build success upon success; that’s this PR lesson for consumer brands.

But it’s more than that. She makes her brand work for her, instead of working for her brand. Stewart elevates accessible partners like Kmart and Walmart with affordable lifestyle merchandise without losing her aspirational panache. The Martha Stewart PR lesson for consumer brands is to create an aspirational brand and then make it accessible once the brand is established.


She’s In on The Joke

Another consumer product PR lesson is to partner wisely. At 80 years old, she partnered with Snoop Dog in ads for Bic lighters. Again, her coy presence gives it charm, while Snoop Dog gives it an edge. Their partnership created more press than the lighter itself, but I don’t think Bic minds sharing the real estate with two completely different lifestyle icons.

When Stewart was sentenced to jail, Saturday Night Live famously debuted a cold open of a topless Martha Stewart. Her response? Once she was released from prison, she was mad that her parole officer wouldn’t let her host the famously cheeky show. She’s said that one of her “big (career) regrets” is not hosting the show yet. Martha Stewart knows certain cultural touchstones resonate and lock in your place in lifestyle history – SNL is one of those, and she’s not done reaching.

Martha Stewart was always in on the joke, and that allowed her to have fun with her brand – another excellent consumer product PR lesson.

Still the “Guru of Good Taste,” Martha Stewart knows she’s not 42 anymore, but she also knows she can bust down boundaries with her timeless approach to humor.

Bazaar magazine called her the “original influencer,” the New York Times called her ageless for her “coquettish, goofy, rambunctious video ads” for Cle’ de Peau, a makeup brand, on TikTok.

Martha Stewart has been celebrated, vilified, laughed at, and skewered, but with a remarkable eye on PR, she’s turned all of that into an asset for herself. Today, Martha Stewart Living Omnicom is a publicly traded company worth billions, and she has a net worth of around $400 million. From thought leadership to consumer product scion, Martha Stewart has captured our imaginations with savvy consumer PR strategies.

CPG brands have seen a lot of success in recent years, and PR is a big part of that. But it’s important for CPG brands to set goals with their PR agencies.  Brands looking for CPG PR agencies may not know where to start or have had an unpleasant experience with a PR firm. For the best CPG PR results, we recommend starting with clear goals

Lifestyle publications are always looking for the next hottest CPG product, and PR has driven much of that awareness. Here are three goals CPG PR agencies should pursue in order to maintain that success:

  1. Increase brand awareness among key demographics

For increasing brand awareness, PR agencies should focus on key demographics. These are the groups of people that are most likely to be interested in the CPG brand’s products, and targeting them with well-crafted messaging can cause more conversions.

Work with your PR agency to identify ideal media outlets and podcasts for your target audience. Prioritize the efforts and understand that there will be some easy opportunities and there will be some larger goals to set. 

Discuss your big hairy goal with your CPG PR agency too. Understanding the ultimate definition of success – it might be acquisition or investment, for example – will help define the long-term strategy

  1. Increase conversions through targeted content marketing campaigns

Content marketing is another important tool CPG PR agencies can use to increase conversions. By creating targeted content that speaks to the interests of their target audience, CPG brands can convince more people to buy their products. And when it comes to garnering media attention, there’s no better way to achieve success than by getting featured in top lifestyle publications.

Let your PR firm help you if there isn’t enough capacity in-house to create owned content. Even if your PR firm doesn’t offer content creation services in-house, they’re guaranteed to know an entire range of outstanding media creators from blog posts to video. 

  1. Garner more media attention for successful CPG campaigns and products

Media relations is a critical service for CPG PR. Many companies think these media relation is the only service of a PR firm. That’s not true, but it is often one of the driving KPIs for brands, especially CPG brands when hiring a PR firm. 

Each of these goals is important in its own right, and pursuing them all will help CPG brands reach new heights. However, it’s important to note that they shouldn’t be pursued in isolation; the CPG PR agency should always work towards integrating all three goals into a cohesive strategy.

These goals are important for CPG brands, but someone must pursue diligently and consistently them if they’re going to be successful. The CPG PR agency should always work towards integrating all three goals into a cohesive strategy. Only then can CPG brands reach new heights and continue their success.


Read more about our CPG experience and our proud CPG case studies.  And if you’re looking for a CPG PR agency, we’re happy to talk with you about our distinctive approach to PR success.