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Virtually every piece of advice you will hear about cyber security advises a cyber incident response plan. After all, do YOU know what you would do first if you discovered a cyber security attack, security breach, or ransomware?

What’s more – cyber liability insurance increasingly requires a cyber-attack incidence plan, and that usually stops small-to-mid-size companies in their tracks.

MOST cyber incident response plans are for technologists and ignore the reputational implications of a cyber attack. Questions like how will you tell your customers, and what should you say?

Enterprise organizations pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have crisis PR teams, cyber security experts, and legal teams develop cyber-attack response plans. Your cyber-attack response plan can make the difference between staying in business and closing down.

Could your business survive an additional $1 million dollars to recover?


of all cyber-attacks hit small and mid-sized businesses, about 4,000 per day.

source: IBM


of business owners doesn’t have a contingency plan for dealing with security threats.

source: nationwide survey


of businesses close after a data breach

source: Experian/Ponemon Institute Data Breach Study


of businesses have cyber attack plan in place

source: CNBC/Momentive Small Business Survey


of business owners handle their own cyber security

source: Endurance International Group Survey


of businesses have cyber insurance

source: CNBC/Momentive Small Business Survey


percentage of data breaches that are small businesses, making them target #1 for data breaches.

source: CNBC/Momentive Small Business Survey

Would you like to save your small business from tens of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums or millions of dollars in damage to your data and reputation?

Who This Is For: 

  • small and medium businesses without all three: full-time IT and PR teams.

  • businesses who want to take steps to limit cyber breach damage.

  • businesses who want to secure cyber liability insurance.

What this is:

  • An audit that reveals your strengths and vulnerabilities for a cyber attack and the aftermath.

  • a personalized plan and package, written in non-technical language to help you prevent or get you through the first 48 hours of a cyber breach.

  • documentation for your cyber incident insurance carrier, which may help you qualify for cyber incident insurance or reduce your rates.

What this is not:

  • this is not a crisis or emergency service for after you’ve had a cyber incident such as ransomware, cyber attack, or data breach.

  • this is not an incident response template.

Get Your Free 17-Point Assessment Today

Avaans has teamed up to bring you a very special offering for a small and medium business cyber incident response plan.

Our trio of cyber planning experts are ideally suited to analyze your cyber gaps and create a comprehensive small business cyber response plan.

Most crisis planning only covers one piece of the problem. Our plan unifies IT and PR, so your bases covered and ready.

Our personalized plan will prepare you for the inevitable and make sure your team is thoroughly prepared to take immediate action, mitigate damage, and maximize your cyber incident insurance coverage.

Tara Coomans, Crisis Communication Expert

A communications and PR professional, Tara has been working with hyper-growth and emerging industries in highly regulated segments for over a decade. From social media flare-ups to critical incident responses, Coomans has guided her clients through PR crises with an eye on brand and reputation management. Instead of focusing on responding to emergencies, Coomans specializes in the planning and preparation that helps avoid common crises for modern businesses.

Derek Gabriel, MSP CEO + Medium and Small Business Technology Consultant

For over 20 years, Derek has been the go-to expert for hundreds of small and medium businesses and nonprofits. Derek understands the unique software, hardware, and data concerns of medium and small businesses. Besides being a small and medium business IT subject matter expert, Derek has a deep understanding of data storage, data security, and the most modern best practices for cyber and malware protection.