The most illegal Wiener yet.

Who says its hard to do business in Hawaii? Pssshaw. Who says that there is always someone who ruins the party? Naaaaah.

Well, at least not in the fantasy world I live in. But, apparently, in the paradise I live it, marketing and fun are illegal….or at least by one group’s interpretation. Outdoor Circle (who I won’t give kudos to by linking) has decided that there is nothing better to do than denounce the Weiner Mobile’s tour through Hawaii.

Outdoor Circle is local nonprofit who over a century ago, was responsible for banning billboards in Hawaii in an effort to ensure that Hawaii’s outdoor splendor isn’t marred by intrusive advertising.  Hawaii is one of 4 states that ban billboard advertising. Nobel goal indeed (preserving the beauty of Hawaii). Their mission thus full-filled over a 100 years ago, they set about ensuring that the good folks at Outdoor Circle always have jobs…and today the good people at Outdoor Circle spend their days finding reasons to justify their existence

Not only do they seek to enforce the law in an over-reaching way, but perhaps more sadly they do so in a threatening manner. Outdoor Circle wouldn’t know Aloha if it hit them over the head with a billboard…but no threat of that happening anytime soon.

Its a good thing that Outdoor Circle doesn’t have plans to expand to the mainland anytime soon, or Hawaii’s highly successful national bus tour would be banned too!

Like I always say: “If you can mar-ket here, you can market annnnnywhere….”

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