The number 1 rule of social media

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a conversation I had last week over Twitter. After posting 6 things businesses should be doing on Twitter, I got this tweet:

I couldn’t stop thinking about that conversation. Through the weekend it survived multiple bloody mary’s, several naps and a multitude of other not so worthy distractions.

Then it hit me. Ding.Ding. Ding.

Despite its similarities, and unlike High School, Twitter and the rest of social media don’t have a lot of rules. Despite the fact that I spend LOTS of time writing my ideas of best practices, advising customers of what they should and shouldn’t do – the truth is, in social media YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS make the rules. RUN WITH IT. No matter what me or any other self titled expert says, you gotta do what’s right for you and your customers and community. If it feels right to drop the “F”bomb like one of my favorite business blogs, and your community responds positively. DO IT. If that’s part of who you are, who your brand’s voice is, run with it. Hey, Gary Vaynerchuck is a HUGE fan of the f-bomb and it hasn’t slowed him down. He owns it. He makes no apologies. It works for him.  You gotta own what’s right for you, your brand and your community.

Don’t get me wrong – it won’t stop me from advising. It still stops me from dropping my own f-bombs in this forum..but it won’t stop my big mouth and fevered key board from spewing unsolicited opinions. That’s who I am. I’m gonna own it. Yes, there are some best practices and tips. Yes, there are strategies that work. Yes, there concepts, ideas, elements that seem to work for most efforts. Just remember, the number one rule of fight club is that there really aren’t any rules.

If something I write just doesn’t sit well with you – then hey, by all means, chart your own path. Be a social media rebel.

And, if something I write doesn’t gel with your experiences, I want to hear about it. I’m hereby challenging all my readers to tell me stories that are contrary to the advice they’ve received from me or anyone else. Seriously. Don’t hold back. Be a social media rebel starting today and stake your claim!