Tool Tuesday – RowFeeder

Every once in awhile, you come across a tool that is like a good man: sturdy and dependable. You know, the kind of tool which is so fantastically reliable and trustworthy that it doesn’t matter if it isn’t the Rob Lowe of interfaces. You know, more

Tracking Twitter and Facebook efforts can be overwhelming. There are influencers to identify, key words, promotions to manage and the more data you find, the more data you want. That’s one really big reason why I want to be able to export all my reports into spreadsheet format. The ability to compare and contrast different pieces of data and see correlations is very important to understanding the overall effect of Twitter, or a campaign. I’m still not at the point where one product gives me everything I need, because frankly, different clients have different strategies and measure different things, BUT, one product that I have been using and truly appreciating is RowFeeder.

So let’s jump right in, here’s what I think rocks about RowFeeder.

What I like:

Tracks the two biggies: Since Facebook is essentially a closed system, its harder for analytics tools to exist to support Facebook. But RowFeeder is able to integrate Facebook posts into its reporting. This allows you to compare Twitter and Facebook side by side. I KNOW you can technically do that now, but its a lot of steps to blends the data and why should I do that when RowFeeder does it for me? RowFeeder doesn’t replace Facebook Insights (as un-insightful as they may be), but it does provide some additional perspective for your business. For example: where are the conversations about your brand, product or even competitors really taking place?

Search terms on steroids: Rowfeeder is a keyword search measurement tool. But before you say “I can search keywords in 1 billion places” here’s what makes Rowfeeder great, not only can you track a term of you can do so over a long period of time. The idea that you can track a keyword for 24 hours and understand its impact is pretty short-sighted. You’ll identify your keywords using other tools, but you’ll understand their meaning and implications with Rowfeeder.

Reporting Rockstar: There are over 9 reports that can be generated including a Pre-built over all snapshot report that has pivots tables and compares Posts By Network (Twitter vs. Facebook), Top Keywords and Potential Twitter Impressions. This report also breaks down percentages of RT, @mentions, and whether a post had a link. Another element of this report that I like is the “Most Followed” users, those who have mentioned your keyword that have the most followers. And then, to dial down into each of those segments, there is a more detailed report to run. I also really like the “Conversation Report” which breaks down other keywords that were used with your keyword so you can see the context. For example, I was searching a business name, but there were other tweets that used the same word, this helped me see the overall conversations and understand their relevancy. I can also just go to the data source (another reason why I like that they download to spreadsheet format) and remove those tweets, then my data is cleaner.

Another report that I like picks random winners from Twitter contests. Simply brilliant.

What’s Meh:

Excel-Shmel: After 4 years of Macintosh usage, I’ve finally converted completely to MacOS. It was a long hard slog for me as I was pretty adept at all the Windows ins and outs. Now, with RowFeeder, I’ve got to go back and get Excel IF I want to use their pre-formatted graphs. I’m dealing with my disappointment and managing, but I still wish that the reports could also be Numbers based. In fairness to RowFeeder, this is actually a Numbers shortfall (it doesn’t do pivot tables) and not a RowFeeder oversight, but still, its a “Meh”.

Overall, I really like RowFeeder, I think its a great tool.Their subscription options are very affordable:

In addition, they have a Freemium model that lets you use one search term. Its enough to test out the program, but not enough to take full advantage of all the info you’ll receive from RowFeeder.

If you are interesting in trying out RowFeeder, consider using this link, it upgrades my membership a bit and doesn’t cost you anything extra. Thanks!

Let me know if you try out RowFeeder or you are using it now, I’d love to hear your experiences.