Twitter-ups the future of events, sponsorship and event marketing

Twitter. Everyone is doing it. Social media has reached the masses.

Does anyone else think its interesting that Twitter, the hottest social media network today, is generating events? Ah, events. They just won’t go away, despite the trendiness of the web.

Prediction: tomorrow’s event, event marketing and sponsorship opportunity is with “Tweet-ups” where like-minded Twitter-peeps meet up to meet each other in person.

While these “Tweet-Ups” are excited when 100 people show up, here’s the rub: its a group of like-minded connected people who share what they know with others, meaning for each of the people who you reach at a Tweet-Up, your really reaching at least another 50 – and maybe thousands. While these Tweet-ups are small and before they reach critical mass, now is the time to get involved and start sponsoring. Here’s the great thing: by their very nature, Twitter-peeps share something in common, making it a very powerful marketing tool. You can’t sponsor Twitter – but you can sponsor Twitter-ups. The NHL is already using this Twitter extension to connect its brand with fans.

When will tradeshows start hosting Tweet-ups around the country to build momentum for their events? Will brands start holding Tweet-ups for their followers that are sponsored?

I think so. Its just a matter of time. This is just one of the new bright and shiny business opportunities in the gray economy.

Here’s a couple of interesting Twitter-Up resources:

Don’t forget: when you Twitter about this, use hashtag: #tweetup