Web wide open – blogging, twitter and facebook for small businesses

Through out my career I have been fascinated with marketing techniques that allowed the customer and the brand to engage on a a deeper level: a way for them to speak to one another, more importantly: Listen. This is why I have been so passionate about sponsorship and events.

Today, however, doing events and sponsorship without communicating it to your most avid customers is really missing an opportunity. That’s what got me interested in using my blog and twitter and facebook as promotion tools. That’s what social media does for you: blogging, twitter, facebook, maybe even flicker and youtube. These are all tools in your marketing arsenal. And best of all: they are free!

But, predictably, “free” comes at a cost. In the case of social media, that cost is TIME.  Blogging and twittering and facebooking. Who has the time for it? Yet, the only way to really realize a benefit is to be consistent and develop relationships.

Outsourcing this can be a tricky proposition. Some big companies have outsourced their social media programs to interns and had to hire far more expensive PR firms to squash the problems the uninitiated intern caused with inappropriate messaging. Blogging requires a marketing mind as well as a business mind. Plus, you want content to be engaging and interesting.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, you CAN hire professional writing talent with a professional marketing background: Me. I’m launching a test program for small businesses: I’ll be the voice behind your blog. I’ll start and grow your twitter presence and maintain the twitter relationships. I’ll promote your events and we’ll develop a voice for your company.  Email me today for more information. Unfortunately, I am only able to take a small group of initial clients, so that I can focus my energies and hone my processes.

If you are a small business owner, this is a no-lose proposition!