Virtually every piece of advice you will hear about cyber security advises a cyber incident response plan. After all, do YOU know what you would do first if you discovered a cyber security attack, security breach, or ransomware?

What’s more – cyber liability insurance increasingly requires a cyber-attack incidence plan, and that usually stops small-to-mid-size companies in their tracks.

MOST cyber incident response plans are for technologists and ignore the reputational implications of a cyber attack. Questions like how will you tell your customers, and what should you say?

Protect Your Data AND Your Brand from Cyber Risks

Enterprise organizations pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have crisis PR teams, cyber security experts, and legal teams develop cyber-attack response plans. Your cyber-attack response plan can make the difference between staying in business and closing down.

Could your business survive an additional $1 million dollars to recover? What will you say to the press? To your customers? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then this is the program for you.