Our Fingerprint PR Strategy

The Confidence of Data with Executive Level Insight

Your PR strategy should be like a fingerprint – unique to you.

We know PR strategy is behind every successful PR campaign.

And we also know we have access to insights and tools you probably don’t have.

Introducing Fingerprint PR Strategy

We combine the most innovative AI technology in the U.S. to track trends for consumers and media, we then combine this information with a powerful survey to consumers. We then use our 100% executive-level team to pull insights, inspire ideas, and recommend metrics and KPIs so you have a complete PR strategy backed by the solid data you need to make decisions.

Our Fingerprint PR Strategy process is unique to Avaans Media, but what’s really important is results are completely unique to you.

We dig deep to ensure we’re delivering the most timely, brand-consistent, and relevant PR insights that make your PR strategy work for YOU.

Fingerprint PR Strategies are a stand-alone deliverable without ongoing fees or long-term commitments.