Who We Are

Let’s start with what we’re not: we’re not PR at scale, churn & burn, rinse and repeat PR. We’re not an agency that trains people on your dime.

That’s how we earned the Best Boutique PR Agency title in Los Angeles and the Inc. Magazine Power Partner Award.

We’re a team of award-winning executive-level PR professionals deeply committed to your success with bespoke PR. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, who supports you in growth mode, transition mode, or even through crisis.

That’s why we’re the ideal PR agency for three types of clients: emerging industries, ambitious consumer brands, and purpose-driven organizations.

We do things differently, and that’s what makes our results and client relationships remarkable. Founded by Tara Coomans, who felt the traditional agency model needed an overhaul. We take a look at your goals and work backward from there, rather than creating campaigns that are easy for us, or worse, are built because they take a lot of billable hours. We are client-focused, solution-oriented, and driven to win. From bespoke PR campaigns to our consumer product PR sprints, everything Avaans touches moves the needle for our clients.

If your goals are audacious, if you value results-driven perspectives, if you’re ready, we are too.

Who You Are

You Don’t Let Today Hold You Back From Tomorrow

You’ve Found Your Purpose & Nothing Will Stop You Now

You’re The Engine Behind The Impact

You don’t listen to the naysayers, and you know everything is possible with the right plan and the right people. You’re on a mission to lead, and create tomorrow’s top brand.