Building Content That Attracts Customers and Clients

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When your building content, you’ve got to remember not to be blinded by the demographics. Sort of. To explain: last we I talked about how you shouldn’t be too blinded by demographics in social media, because, people like to talk to other people, not marketers. Building content that attracts customers and clients is about putting yourself in their shoes.

What to Consider When Building Content

Guess what? The same is true of content. If you’re building content, you should build it to attract the kind of people you want to do business with. I don’t mean the demographics of the audience, I mean the characteristics. Consider what inspires your ideal audience. What brings them into your world and shows that you can relate to them? One of the readers of last week’s post, Gwen, made a salient point: she wants to work with other women-owned businesses, so she supports women businesses in her sharing and tweeting. Not exclusively, but it’s definitely a focus. But what Gwen does very, very well is communicate in a tone that’s likely to attract professional women. She is supportive, positive, and warm in her tweets and engagements. Women are likely to be attracted to that type of communication so she naturally attracts more of the type of business she wants with that tone.

Dress for the customer you want

But again, it isn’t about demographics, its about attracting the type of business you want. Communicate to your potential clients like they communicate with their peers. It’s the same philosophy of dressing for the job you want. It’s one thing to know who your audience IS, it’s another thing to know who you want your audience to BE. Dress for the audience you want. And that’s what we need to think about in our communication with our audience. If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, take a step back, start a listening campaign. Start watching what your ideal customers talk about, what they share and who they share it with. Start tracking your clicks on your posts – which of your posts created action? Which were reshared? You’ll learn a lot from your audience if you dig a little deeper.

When you create content, think about what your ideal customers would like to see and in what format they’d like to see it. By content, I don’t just mean blog posts, and Tweets and Facebook updates, I mean all content. Content can be expensive to make, so make it worth your while. Consider companies who are creating infographics. They know that infographics are easy to read quickly and easy to share: perfect for our attention-deficit social media community. But other companies create white papers, they are trying to attract decision-makers who have the time and budgets to dig into info deeper. Using video is extremely powerful, when you consider who will be viewing the content (I’m still not clear on who this Bollywood-Planned Parenthood video was trying to say and to whom), but a video that speaks to your audience in a way that they can relate? Powerful stuff. Me? I create blog posts that are conversational in tone, occasionally take a risk and encourage some creative thought-I like people who can appreciate that tone, I work well with them.

And that’s really the point. When you stake your ground and create a strong voice, you may not attract everyone..but you will attract those people who you wish to attract and work with. At the end of the day, its more important to find the people who have the characteristics of people you work well with.

What are the characteristics of your ideal clients?

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