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5 Remarkable Competitive Advantages of PR

Investing in PR is a commitment, so before you get started, it’s important to be clear on the competitive advantages of PR. Clarity around these advantages can ultimately help you enhance your overall PR outcomes. Enhance Credibility A trusted brand will increase sales and revenue, but there’s an additional reason to use the competitive advantages […]


5 Ways To Leverage Media Coverage

5 Ways to Leverage Media Coverage Leveraging media coverage is the key to maximizing PR outcomes for hyper-growth brands and emerging industries.   This post originally appeared in Authority Magazine Welcome to another installment of our PR Strategy Series, where you can learn directly from top industry experts on how you can leverage media attention […]

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5 Ways PR Improves Recruiting

Ever notice the best people always seem to go to the best companies? Why is that? Reputation matters and PR improves recruiting outcomes. The magical part is this: it doesn’t matter whether you’re recruiting for executives or recent graduates, a strategic PR plan makes attracting the right talent easier and even keeps your best employees. […]

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Why Do PR: 5 Reasons Why PR is Vital to Success

Do We Need PR?   Why do PR? These are the 5 reasons why PR is vital to growth.  Straight up: PR is the only way to differentiate yourself. While it might be tempting for businesses to focus on sales and marketing only and, it’s technically possible to operate a business without PR, it’s virtually […]