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Why Brand Values Matter to Consumers, Now More Than Ever

Why Brand Values Matter to Consumers, Now More Than Ever The proof is in the numbers It’s more and more competitive to capture consumer attention, that’s why brand values matter to consumers more than ever. It’s getting harder and harder for brands to create positive impressions in the minds of consumers. Negative impressions tend to […]

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Successful Influencer Campaigns in 5 Steps

Successful Influencer Campaigns Aren’t Unicorns PR has a number of tools in its tool belt, one of them is successful influencer campaigns & partnerships. In consumer goods, influencer marketing is establishing a significant place in the mix. When we see some of these campaigns, a little part of our PR soul dies. Frankly, some of […]


11 Twitter Accounts Every Cannabis CEO Should Follow

Cannabis CEOs have challenging jobs. You’re in the fast-moving cannabis business, so you’re also in the business of understanding trends and our industry. For that reason, we put together a shortlist of our favorite cannabis Twitter accounts, tailored for the time-constrained cannabis CEO and C-suite. Twitter is an extremely useful listening tool, so we’ve curated […]