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Product PR for Holiday Gift Guides

Whether your product is beloved or brand new, it will benefit from PR during elevated buying seasons. Yet, not all consumer brands want long-term contracts. That’s exactly why we’re reinventing PR with our Sprint Packages –  Product PR for Holiday Gift Guides. These PR sprints are a consumer brand’s dream: consistent press coverage during key […]

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Meet Jake Wall of Maison Bloom Cannabis Beverage Brand

Meet Jake Wall, his passion for innovation is apparent in his latest offering, Maison Bloom, a cannabis beverage brand. Jake’s innovations are fueled by his passion for human-centered design, which are apparent in his consulting firm, Playtpus and as Chief Innovation Officer at cannabis beverage brand Maison Bloom. Jake is well-known as a cannabis industry […]

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What is a Purpose Driven Strategy

What is a Purpose-driven strategy? It’s the natural evolution of four converging cultural changes, the first is when social, cultural, and environmental issues became more visible and urgent, followed by consumers who expect brands to connect with nonprofits or social impact, driven by a lack of confidence in government to solve big problems, and finally, […]

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Michele Ringelberg of ThrivePop – Cannabis Business Digital Marketing Expert

Meet Michele Ringelberg, CEO of ThrivePop, a digital marketing firm specializing in cannabis. Fast-growing and ambitious brands in cannabis industry work with Michelle and her team to create digital marketing strategies and digital marketing implementation. First, a little background about Michele Ringelberg: I have been in the marketing industry since 2000. I have seen a […]