Digital Storytelling

I was reading an interesting article today about digital advertising. Essentially, the article supposes that the reason that TV and radio still get larger budgets than digital is the ability to tell a story.

Telling a story is the most important aspect of branding. Give people something to relate to. Its true, you can’t tell a story in a banner ad.

But you CAN tell a story in an engaging cross-platform way using social media. From Facebook to YouTube to even Twitter, stories are told every single day. Big stories. Mundane stories. Social media IS story telling. At its heart, that’s ALL it is.

A good story invites engagement. Engagement that TV doesn’t offer. Interconnectivity that radio can’t provide.

If you aren’t telling a story through social media, ask yourself why not? Better yet, let’s talk about here, together. What’s your story? How are you using social media to tell it?