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Psybicilin is coming in hot as a curiosity in magic mushrooms blossoms. Aside from early adopters, psybicilin is mostly an unknown quantity to most consumers. Now is a great time for psybicilin to learn some PR lessons from cannabis. It won’t be long before pysbicilin is one of the hottest emerging industries with some rocketship growth brands. Studies are already underway which could pave the path for investors and entrepreneurs. Biotech is an exciting area of hyper-growth, but from Theranos to Big Pharma to Johnson and Johnson, consumers are wary. What lessons can be learned and what is the best psybicilin PR advice for early-stage psybiclin companies?


Lean into Trust

When CBD was in its nascent but early regulatory stages, it struggled with some pretty serious industry missteps that may have led to the delayed FDA delays. As recent as 2021, CBD brand leader Charlotte’s Web was denied FDA approval for their CBD oil as a dietary supplement, and this is a brand with a very solid trust record. Will psybicilin end up in regulatory limbo too? The earliest entrants into the space have a huge role to play.

Start early with trust with regulators and consumers.

It’s far too easy at this stage to get caught up in buzzwords and miracle promises, but that’s a huge mistake. Taking a page out of the many FDA letters sent to CBD companies, psybicilin PR should focus on trust, honesty, and reliable, credible experts while staying clear of radical health claims.

Early psybiclin brands, and psybicilin PR should lean into frank, honest discussions with consumers about what they are and aren’t doing.Many consumers are so bewildered by the health claims made by CBD companies they don’t believe CBD is effective in anything.

Ease Consumers into it Slowly

While many companies are leaning into “magic mushrooms,” as an approachable description, it has its drawbacks; especially with people who connect mushrooms as a psychedelic trip in the 1970’s, but this visual doesn’t lend much credibility to psybicilin startups.

Much as early-stage cannabis brands leaned into slang terms for cannabis and used the leaf in branding, all those things quickly became passe’ as cannabis brands sought credibility. Cannabis PR firms and cannabis branding companies were advising cannabis brands on these issues, but many late-comers persisted in this vein. Early stage psybicilin brands can skip the tie-died branding and go straight to scientific and plant-based conversations.

The cannabis and hemp industries have set the stage for plant-based messaging and conversations. Think vegetarians over vacant-eyed teenagers.

Another PR trend psybicilin should be wary of, particularly in light of Peter Thiel’s early investments in psybicilin, be wary of overly hyped techno terms, because tech, like biotech has had some pretty serious trust issues over the last few years.

Know the Psybicilin Consumer – And Treat Them with Respect

There are some really exciting studies happening about psybicilin medical treatments. As researchers validate psybicilin’s benefits, psybicilin PR firms and brands can do themselves a favor by digging deep into consumer research.

Early-stage cannabis brands were often surprised by who their customers were and what was important to them. Instead of making assumptions about who will and won’t support medical or  recreational use of psybicilin, brands should do their homework and partner with branding firms early on. Mutual customer-brand support could go far as psybicilin makes it’s way through the regulatory environment.


Psybicilin decriminalization is making headlines as are big research investments. There will surely be some exciting opportunities for psybicilin companies in the future. If psybicilin learn PR lessons from cannabis, they’ll enjoy much smoother sailing. If you’re a psybicilin brand who wants to invest in trust and put these cannabis PR lessons to your advantage, please give us a call.