How to Capture Your Customer’s Attention with Digital Marketing

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How many messages do you think you see a day? Now, imagine how many messages a day your customer sees?

All these messages contribute to message fatigue. We used to say a person needed exposure to a message 7 times before they even remembered seeing it. Today, I’d personally put that number close to 12-15. Ironically, more messages contribute to increased fatigue. So what’s a marketer to do?

It’s important to prioritize your marketing and advertising so you CAN get multiple exposures. Let’s look at what a potential campaign meets the exposure threshold without fatigue.

Retargeting: retargeting prioritizes your advertisements to people who have opened emails or visited your website. You can run retargeting on Facebook advertisement as well as many online ad networks. You can change your ads up a bit by having a series of connected and similar images or looks. Retargeting should be a campaign that runs more or less consistently. Your goal here should be to reach any given customer 2X a week at least.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is the unsung hero of digital marketing. It’s a work horse. Despite this, it seems people either completely ignore email marketing or they abuse it. I encourage my clients to aim for the middle ground and email 1X per week. The key to email is to reinforce the message very clearly and quickly. You may have customers in a drip email series based on certain actions and in that case the space between each email may be a bit shorter. Your email should be brand consistent and provide a clear call to action.

Social Media (organic): Social media is a soft-sell environment, unlike other forms of digital marketing, social requires a softer touch. This doesn’t make it less effective, it makes it different.  Today’s expected organic reach is throttled to encourage advertising on most (though not all) platforms. To maximize social reach, spend the time (and money) to create some corner stone content, something that customers respond to this could be videos, a game, anything with that “you have to see this,” urge. Supplement corner stone content with regular organic content (3-5x per week) that is easier to create but meets the strategy, keeping in mind that organic content isn’t the place to invest in huge production. However, you should distribute this content on multiple platforms, but you should do so at different times, and you may adjust each piece slightly for the different audiences on each platform.

Social Media (Advertising): Choose 1-2 organic posts per week to “boost” to fans/friends of fans to increase the potential for it to show in their feed. With this, you’re taking a branding approach, you’re just increasing exposure. Your cornerstone content should serve as an “ongoing advertisement” in social. Your goal is to supercharge this content beyond your fans and give people a chance to see it at least twice before you complete the ad cycle on that. You may pause it to prevent fatigue, but don’t hesitate to return to it.

If you run this thoroughly, you have a good chance of getting your message seen 3X per week, which means within a month you should be penetrating the mind space of your target customer.