healthtech pr needs emerging industry experts

All emerging industries face two distinct communication challenges which is why healthtech PR needs emerging industry experts. The first crucial hurdle is creating trust with the stakeholders. Whether your primary audience is consumers or venture capitalists, both can quickly turn a weary eye to healthtech. There is no healthtech industry without trust. The second is explaining technical and medical terms in easy-to-understand and memorable language. Healthtech also faces a third challenge: a myriad of regulations. Trust, effective communication, and regulations are the three reasons healthtech PR is an essential part of the growth plan for any ambitious healthtech company. But given these particular challenges, what strategies should healthtech PR employ to improve trust and accessibility?

Weaving Health and Wellness Narratives in Health Technology

Historically, communicators considered health and wellness topics to belong to the supplement industry. But consumers today are savvier than ever about their health, and the internet provides a trove of health-related information at their fingertips. Consumer-based healthtech companies should speak to consumers directly through owned content, earned PR, and paid media. B2B healthtech firms must balance trust and tech with the right tone. Emerging industry PR firms understand how to talk about new, never-before ideas and create narratives that support the stakeholders in a way that makes them want something they didn’t know they needed.

Owned Content for HealthTech
Emerging industries like healthtech should focus on developing straightforward narratives that meet the customer where they are at in their health journey. Google is particular about how it ranks for health-related content; we review some of that in our 15 Tips for Better Consumer PR .

If Google can’t trust your content, it will be challenging for your consumers to find, let alone trust, your content.

And, for many healthtech brands, there is also a regulatory component. Understanding Google’s perspective on owned content is an important aspect that a digitally savvy PR firm understands and can navigate and develop content that balances the needs of the brand and the constraints of SEO and regulations.

Earned Media in HealthTech
From thought leadership strategies to consumer storytelling, creating storylines that apply to the media creates a dialogue with media that transcends awareness; it creates affinity.

While creating storylines around “the latest greatest thing” sounds simple, many overnight successes have been pounding the media pavement for years before with an early adopter strategy. Building media credibility early on pays dividends that build as time goes on and can make all the difference during times of crisis.

Further, ensuring your HealthTech brand has a healthy understanding of what makes a great tech story in PR enables not only bursts of the press during opportune moments but a drumbeat of PR throughout the year.


Balancing Tech and Trust in HealthTech

Both tech and health are technical industries that deserve careful regulatory monitoring, but as necessary is the trust aspect. U.S. consumers vacillate between tech fascination or techlash.  That’s why health and tech brands must invest in trust-building through storytelling and transparency.

For founders with deep tech backgrounds, developing a voice that is approachable to the consumer can be a challenge. But there is no more critical role for an early-stage founder than being the brand’s voice. And sometimes, that means opening the kimono to your successes and failures. But a trusted PR firm can help you navigate the opportunities and the pitfalls, which is critical during hypergrowth.

PR for Profitability

But maybe you’re in a fundraising holding pattern right now, and it’s all about profitability. Many startup companies consider PR a cost center, but this is a mistake because PR creates lasting signals that build trust with your audience and your future investors. Investing in profitability PR takes a set of different strategies but doesn’t take its foot off the gas. Because everything is cyclical and building your reputation constantly improves profitability from churn reduction to improved sales cycles.