Hiring A PR Firm

what does PR do

What Does PR Do?

What Does PR Do? There are more ways than ever for brands to communicate directly with prospective customers, investors, and stakeholders. Along with traditional marketing platforms like TV, radio, print, and billboard advertising, alternative…
5 Branding Tips in 15 minutes with Tara Coomans & Debra Eckerling

5 Branding Tips in 15 Minutes

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These are 5 quick branding tips for emerging industries or hyper-growth brands. I'm super amp'd in this Podcast, it's obvious I had my coffee this morning.I had the pleasure of joining Debra Eckerling on her Guided Goals podcast. It's quick,…
customer focused communication strategy

Creating a Customer Focused Communication Strategy

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The Communication Strategy Everyone Will Thank You For. We're inundated with messages every day. As communicators, it's up to us to have  some empathy for our audience, whether that audience is the press, an employee, a customer, or an investor. Yet,…
Advertising and Marketing David Ogilvy

The Hard Cost of Negotiating with Your Advertising, PR or Marketing Agency

When was the last time you negotiated for a website, advertising, public relations, marketing or other branding work? Chances are, you took that first quote from an agency and thought "I bet I can get this down at least 20%." Maybe you…
Advertising and Marketing David Ogilvy

How to Capture Your Customer’s Attention with Digital Marketing

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How many messages do you think you see a day? Now, imagine how many messages a day your customer sees? All these messages contribute to message fatigue. We used to say a person needed exposure to a message 7 times before they even remembered…