what should consumer brands do to prepare for the holiday shopping season

Consumer Brands Experts: Prepare for the Holiday Season Now

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A couple of times a year, I reach out to my network of consumer brand experts and agency owners to ask them what they're telling their clients right now. As consumer brands prepare for the holiday shopping season, my SEO, PR, Content, and Web…
PR's role today's new consumer marketing funnel driven by GenZ

The Role of PR in the New Consumer Funnel

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The new customer lifecycle model was first coined by Vogue Business when they declared "GenZ broke the marketing funnel." A pretty bold statement, yet there's evidence to suggest this is true. Rethinking the marketing funnel is serious business…
why hiring an experienced cannabis PR firm is important

Why Does Hiring a PR Firm Experienced in Cannabis Public Relations Matter?

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Ask anyone working in the cannabis business, and they will tell you that it is unlike any other. This product isn’t “just another CPG.” It’s an intensely volatile, closely monitored, and strictly regulated sector, and a PR firm experienced…
questions to ask top cannabis pr firms

Questions to Ask Top Cannabis PR Firms

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You may be at the beginning of your search, or you may have narrowed down your choices, but wherever you are in your cannabis PR firm search, you should know that the top cannabis PR firms should all have these skills. Notice these skills may…
What makes a hyper-growth business stand out?

What Makes Hypergrowth Businesses Stand Out?

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While there is no blueprint for creating a successful hyper-growth company, many of these businesses share some common qualities that help them stand out in the crowd of tech startups. But first, it’s essential to understand what a hypergrowth…
woman in a yellow sweater thinking about hiring an AI PR firm

Hiring an AI PR Firm

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AI is the next revolution in business, no doubt about it. Like any other tool, there are upsides and downsides to using AI. Like every other industry, PR has been impacted by AI. How AI is changing PR continues to be ongoing, and before hiring…