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Unveiled: Paid Placements in Public Relations

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As a respected and experienced PR agency, a question we get all the time is, "Can you guarantee coverage?" The answer to this question gets cloudier and cloudier as the media world evolves. First, let me explain that earned media, the most valuable…
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Public Relations Strategy in 2024: Navigating the Landscape

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In today's world, what is the role of public relations, and how should you create a public relations strategy? Many people think of PR purely in terms of articles placed (earned media), when in fact, PR strategy is a cross-functional objective…
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Avaans Media Honored for Media Relations Campaign

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PR Daily Media Relations Awards Presented to the Country’s Most Notable PR Campaigns LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Award-winning PR firm Avaans Media is pleased to announce the PR Daily Media Relations…

Measuring Public Relations for Consumer Brands

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As you start to consider the impact of PR on your consumer brand, it’s easy to look at its value through a traditional marketing or advertising lens. Granted, paid media may be easier to track and measure regarding ROI, but that doesn’t…

Paid vs Earned Media: What’s The Deal?

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Consumer brand communications hinges on one core goal: getting in front of the right audience. However, for many businesses, this rarely surpasses the stage of paid media marketing. Could this be due to the fact that many companies feel out…

Purpose Driven PR vs Greenwashing – What’s The Difference

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Consumers no longer prefer brands that incorporate environmental initiatives - they demand it. It is no longer a novel feature reserved for what was once labeled 'eco' brands but is widely expected from consumers regardless of the industry.…